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Good Christian Women

Good Christian Women

Okay, so I am so not a gossip and I tend to mind my own business.  I’m not into all the drama others stir up and don’t want to get involved.

However, I am currently watching drama unfold for a friend.  She met a gal at a Friday evening Ladies Church function.  She thought they had a lot in common and invited her to go to see a movie with myself and another friend, making it four of us.  Well, the other friend and this gal sat next to each other and my friend and I next to each other.  We didn’t enjoy the movie; but we did enjoy the company.

Apparently, the three of them got together over the next several days and did some stuff together.  I finally saw my friend at church on Saturday evening and afterwards, we hung out together and chatted.  She brought up a few things that she was experiencing since we last met.  New gal made several references to other friend that my friend is a “user”.  This after only knowing her for 5 days.  She’s made these references without truly getting to know my friend, who is far from a user.  Yes, she’s hit hard times.  Yes, she asks for rides due to not having a car right now; but she also pays gas money. 

New gal has isolated her other friend and convinced her that my friend is bad news.  Other friend dumped her (sorta).  Now, my friend is confused, hurt and despite asking what went wrong, is getting the cold shoulder from both ladies.

Today, New gal just so happened to email the pastor of her church about another woman, telling the pastor how awful she is and she only just met this gal a week ago.  I’m blown away.  She calls herself a “GOOD CHRISTIAN WOMAN” and I am blown away.

What is a good Christian Woman?  To me, she doesn’t gossip, lie, cause problems or become a wedge in the relationship of others.  She’s respectful of others, caring, good natured and knows that God is watching all her actions and that HE will judge her for her actions and her heart.

I am picky about who I give my friendship to.  The reason I am picky is because I’ve been hurt before, just like my friend.  I’ve extended the hand of friendship only to have it bitten before.  Since renewing my faith in God and Jesus Christ, I’ve met a bunch of really good women whom I call real friends.  They are the women I trust; because they are like me.  They are not perfect and don’t expect others to be.  We accept each other, flaws and all and that I have found is much better than the superficial woman who call themselves Good Christian Women.



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