Hurricane Isaac

So, here we are, awaiting the effects of Hurricane Isaac.  So far, only some increased wind and the storm to pass by us sometime tomorrow.  Hoping for the best.  According to the projected path, it will be far enough west from us to not cause us too much trouble.

The last hurricane I was in was Ivan in 2004.  That was horrific; but we lived to tell the tale.  During Ivan, a tornado ripped through our back yard and left massive destruction in it’s wake.  We were lucky.  We lost electric for 15 days.  (To be honest, the worst part of it all)  I’m hopeful that we don’t lose power this time.  UGH!

I can tell the storm is coming.  My body is in agony.  I can’t believe how bad I’m feeling right this second.  I want to scream; but screaming doesn’t help and makes my head hurt worse, so I’m not doing that.  Each moment that the weather creeps closer to our location, I feel increased pressure to my body.  Once the rain comes and the storm rages, I’ll feel its full effect and be praying for it to be over swiftly.  Do not linger, Isaac, or I will surely cry. 😦

Of course, I read a Facebook quote that said most Floridians prepare for a Hurricane Party, I am not among those who do.  I watched the gas price go from $3.63 on Thursday morning to $3.75 on Thursday afternoon and I’m trippin’.  I’ve seen it as high as $3.83 yesterday and can’t believe the gouging going on by these mongruls.

At church, our Pastor & congregation prayed for us all to be safe.  I know with prayer all things are possible.  God is terrific in meeting our needs and providing for us the things we need, such as safety from the storm.  Our God is awesome.



I’m in agony!  I recently had a bridge made after 20 years of being toothless.  Complications from the start.  The initial casting, grinding and jaw opening had me down for weeks.  Then, the pain of the exposed nerve on the day of the permanent bridge was excruciating; but after 5 weeks, I’m infected!  I’ve got a problem with the anchor tooth.  It’s horrible, painful and I can’t eat or drink anything without major pain.

Yesterday, the dentist gave me antibiotics for the infection and I have to see an oral surgeon to take care of  the problem.  I’m not sure I can last that long.  It is disturbing my sleep.  My cheek, all the way up to my eye, is throbbing.  YIKES!!  I spent most of the day in bed yesterday from sheer exhaustion.  I’m at my wit’s end.

Facial pain has got to be the absolute worse thing in the world.  It makes you nuts.  The fact that I also have “Trigeminal Neuralgia” & TMJ (among other problems) is not helping me at all.  I’m ready to go without any teeth at all at this point.  I just don’t care.

This pain is making me sick to my stomach.  I can’t believe how awful I am feeling.  I just want to be back to my “normal”.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

And so, I’ve encountered a snag in my life and the demons which surround me have taken on new dimensions.  UGH!  I have finally broken free of the evil that has been dragging me down.  As one who has never known addiction, I found myself involved with someone who is addicted to alcohol.  Having never experienced it, I haven’t a clue how to “detox” or what it involves.  So, over the last three years, I’ve been dealing with a rebounder who lies, steals and cheats to get what he wants — ALCOHOL!!!  I’m over it.

I am walking away.  I’m saving my sanity.  I’m saving my life.  I’m using tough love.  It is the only way to save my soul.  I’m fighting the demon who is trying my patience.  POOF — GONE!

I am a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman who will survive this hell, too!

The problem is that I am not going to be manipulated.  I don’t like that at all.