Jesus in Genesis

I’ve been doing a bible study about Jesus in Genesis and I am wowed by the promises that I never saw before.

Before the world, there was the word…..the word of GOD, spoken, gave us existance. God called us all into life. The Trinity (Father, Son, Spirit) created it all. The same Spirit that hoovered over the waters and brought order also gave us the SON through Mary. The light of the world is Jesus, the same light God gave to the world on the first day. And we, human beings, are made it Their likeness.

After the fall, because of our sin nature, God promised us eternal life through Jesus Christ. Adam and Eve were forgiven after the sacrifice of an animal for clothing. Jesus frees us by his blood. Jesus frees us by disarming the enemy, casting him into a lake of fire for eternity. God loves us this much.

God wants us back in Eden so we are to remember the promises and the trials and remember the way of our Lord. Life has always been eternal. Even though Adam & Eve sinned, life was never shorted, just the place of life changed. Jesus restores our eternal life in heaven.

Grace abounds more than sin. Even though sin reins in this world, God gives us even more. His grace is abundant enough to cover the debt through Jesus, who took on the sins of this world and paid the debt. PAID IT WITH HIS LIFE.

I am but a mere speck on the God radar and yet He loves me so much that he forgives me. I have been forgiven even before I sinned. He is the Alpha and the Omega — the beginning and the end. He knows it all and I am wowed at the wonder of it all. His grace is enough for me.


You can do it!

For once, I’m thrilled! My son came home two weeks ago and related to me that during his PE class that while running, he came in dead last; however, the rest of the class cheered him on that HE COULD DO IT! WOW! In a day and age when it is typical for kids to make fun of those who can’t, this class pulled together to cheer on the last man in.

Today, my son came in from school and told me he did the 1/2 mile run and next week, he’d be pushing for the full mile. He is not a runner; but he is trying and succeeding at what he’s never been able to do before. It is milestones like this that I want to remember.

Tomorrow, it’s a sleep over with two friends and a taco dinner.