Whovian ???

A couple of years ago, my son came to me and told me he wanted to watch a new show about a doctor who traveled in time. Sure, why not? I’d seen the BBC America commericials and didn’t think it a bad show to watch.

So, after becoming a fan of the show, he’d tell me all the adventures of the good Doctor and how each episode went about. Since the boy was becoming such a fan, it was a treat for me to visit the local library and seeing the various episodes on DVD. So, I set about renting them and my son, loving the Doctor’s adventures so much, convinced me to watch along with him.

Needless to say, I WAS HOOKED!!!!! Now, I dream of the day that the Doctor will come get us and we can be his next companions. ūüôā Okay, okay, I’m not that bad; but I do look forward to each new episode as much my son does.

I love David Tennet as the doctor best, however, Matt Smith has done a great job, too. And I must confess that I absolutely love the Pond’s and River Song as the Doctor’s “wife”. The crazy antics, time travel and yearly Christmas Specials have become so special to us and we look forward to each new adventure.

As BBC’s longest running show, it sure has caught on here in America over the last several years. From Weeping Angels, Dalek’s, Ood’s, sonic screwdrivers and more, everyone seems to be ga-ga for the Doctor. As a matter of fact, I recently bought my son his own sonic screwdriver for a whopping $30 which is NUTS, I know; but he has this crazy way of convincing me to do things I normally wouldn’t. When celebrating his 13th birthday last month, I made him a Tardis card. He loved it!

This may be another phase in our togetherness; but it is definitely one we are both enjoying. We also love to watch Criminal Minds, Burn Notice and Bones together; but there is something special about waiting and watching the Doctor that really brings us closer.



Blackfoot Concert

Blackfoot at Ballyorney Pub, Ft. Myers

Last night, I my son and friend to see Blackfoot at a local pub who was featuring 3 bands in their parking lot. We LOVE Blackfoot. My son takes lessons with the band’s manager, Eric and we support his efforts 100% by attending their local events.

Last night was their best show. Sean Chamber (lead singer/guitar), Tim Rossi (Lead guitar), Brian Carpenter (Bass) and Michael Cannizzaro¬†(Drums) rocked the crowd for over an hour at the Ballyorney. From the moment they stepped on stage to the last note played, they gave a spectacular performance that had the crowd singing along, chanting and rockin’ out.

From the dueling guitars of Tim & Brian, a brilliant lead vocalist and great drum solo, they were well worth the entrance fee and more. But it wasn’t over yet! They exit the stage, leaving Brian alone to showcase his talents on the bass and the crowd went wild. Not to be upstaged, Tim, the showman of the band, rocked out on his guitar and blew the crowd away with his National Anthem rendition. WOW! The encore was a show stopper and I have no idea how Molly Hatchet followed them; because they owned the night.

I took many photos of the guys and other than occasional¬†person getting in the way of my shot, they weren’t half bad. As a matter of fact, Mike stole several for his own Facebook page and has been sharing them with his friends and fans.

Needless to say, we had a great time. We laughed, we sang, we enjoyed the night. My son got a shirt and is already looking forward to their next performance. We’re hoping to catch a rehearsal or two with them at the Music Studio soon.

Blackfoot is leaving for Europe the first of December¬†and we wish them good luck on their gig’s there. We just love’em. ūüôā


Here it is, over a month gone by and I’m still¬†harassed¬†by the former friend. ¬†I’m not thrilled; but she has the nerve to email me and tell me that she’s in fear of me. ¬†I’m totally mystified by this since I’ve not spoken to her, called or anything. ¬†I’m at a loss. ¬†I’ve not even spoken to another person about the situation; but she is in fear of me.

I’m amazed. ¬†I’ve never struck her — she’s in the habit of hitting me at random times. ¬†I’ve never lost my temper in front of her — she’s lost hers on numerous times at me and in front of me. ¬†She is crazy. ¬†I’m blown away. ¬†Her latest email was full of accusations about my character and telling me that my behavior is unchristian and that she can judge me like that is like “WOW!” ¬†I’ve never judged her or her behavior. ¬†She’s off her rocker.

She states that she gets sick to her stomach and nervous when she sees my name on her phone or email. ¬†Well, I haven’t contacted her except for the money she owes me, which I’ve had a hard time collecting from her. ¬†It is a shame. ¬†She’s gone psycho on me and then is blaming me for her behavior.

She is spreading my business all over our church and yet I am the one who is the bad guy. ¬†I’m amazed. ¬†Yet, I’m still keeping my mouth shut. ¬†I am taking the high road and ignoring her. ¬†She even had the gall to give me the “stink eye” and stare at me while we were at church and at bible study. ¬†Then, she has her 18 y/0 daughter, who is the cause of all this strife, run and “guard” her afterward like I was going to attack her or something.

If I were a different person, I could tell all the people she gossips about just what she’s said. ¬†I can call her mother and tell her about the horrible things she says about her, too and how she resents having to do things for her. ¬†It is a real shame; but I’m not that person. ¬†i truly wish I were sometimes; but I’m not. ¬†She claims to be “real” and not a fake; but she’s as fake as a $3 bill. ¬†I’m so over it. ¬†If she was so offended and I was so unnerving and such a bully and all, she should call the police; but since I’ve done nothing, she has no call for that. ¬†ey yi yi!

On another note, I’m sick as a dog with my lupus. ¬†The stress of this mess has caused me a lot of trouble. ¬†I just can’t handle the stress of it. ¬†I’m so sick. ¬†I’ve got blood in my urine, a kidney infection and have been running a fever for over a week now. ¬†It never fails when stress comes on like this that I succumb to my illness. ¬†I don’t need this crap. ¬†I just hurt so much and I want her out of my life for good. ¬†I may have to change churches and stop my bible studies. ¬†I’m not sure I can handle her weirdness.