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Obama Care

After reading the interview with ABC and the president, I know for sure that the country is screwed.   The president and now due to a newly enacted law, Congress, will not be participating in the new medical insurance scam.  It’s so good, even THEY won’t use it.

As a 18 year user of the Veteran’s Administration Medical Hospitals/Clinics, I can assure you that we are in for a LOT of crap.  The VA system, which as I stated, over the last 18 years I’ve used, is incredibly flawed.  I’m what is known as 100% service connected for injuries sustained while in service and believe me, I’m treated like crap.

I’ve had doctors that ignored me (eg. prescribed medications 2 minutes after me stating I was allergic to them) forgot to put in consults and don’t remember me asking for one, given me diagnoses only to not let me know what they were and for me to come back several months later to my primary and learn that they had given a recommendation; but never bothered to tell me.  I’ve had doctors tell me that they can’t find my records only to read straight from them and never acknowledge that they were mistaken.  I’ve even been told that I don’t have lupus 5 years after being diagnosed and then at the next visit, have been asked about my Lupus like they never told me last time I didn’t have it.  UGH!

All I can say is, if this is an example of what is to come for the rest of the country, then people, you have BIG problems.  Nothing is more devastating than having poor health care.  Appointments are often late, even when I’m the first appointment.  Schedules get screwed up.  Appointments cancelled for no reason, sometimes without notice.

Over the last year, I made 3 appointments with my primary care physician only to have them cancelled by the VA.  I’d reschedule and that one would get cancelled.  Then, my medication reaches its expiration and I need refills.  I call and am told I have a NEW doctor.  FINE!  I have to make an appointment.  I do and get the run around.  Call back 2 times before getting the appointment.  Find out at the appointment that my last doctor had retired 6 months prior, without letting me know, and I had 2 other appointments with her after retirement (which were cancelled) but scheduled none the less.  Who’s trained monkey do they have working there?

Well, next week I get the opportunity to go again.  This time to the new facility, which opened last month.  We shall see.  I have no faith in them at all.  I’m not even sure I like this new doctor of mine; but after only one appointment, I can’t be sure.  Let’s just say, I’m truly not looking forward to this appointment; but I’ll go like a good little girl.

So, with all that stated about a government run health care facility (and I’ve been to 6 different VAMC’s) you can see how I am skeptical about what the government can do for us.  Granted, when the system is running well, it can be tolerable; but for the most part, it is a hassle and hard to deal with.  As a matter of fact, my head hurts so bad after an appointment I can only go home and go to bed.  It is never simple.

For those without health care, I am sorry.  For those who are forced to take on insurance they can’t afford, I am sorry.  This country is going to hell quickly.  When our government officials make 4x’s the amount of the average citizen, something is wrong.  We’re a country of the rich getting richer and the poor being oppressed.  Where’s the middle class?  What middle class?!!!!!



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