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Strep Throat, AGAIN???? UGH!

So, I wake my son up for school on Tuesday and he says, “Mom, my throat is sore again.”  I get the flashlight and take a peek.  Sure enough, bright red throat and two large white pustules are visible in the back of his mouth.  UGH!!!!  This makes his fifth time since August.  I call the doctor.  We can be seen that afternoon.  Great.

Poor kid.  For the last two years, he’s been plagued with strep.  Four times last school year and we’re up to 5 this school year.  Time to go to ENT.  I ask for a referral to the ENT and we get an appointment for this coming Monday.  Something’s got to give.  The poor kid can’t stand to be out this long.  He’s already reached his 18 day limit and now is on doctor’s note only for excuses.  I could understand if he was playing hooky; but he’s been genuinely sick and seen a doctor each time, so I’m not sure what the big deal is; but rules are rules.

We were told he may be a carrier of strep and that would be the reason he keeps getting them.  It could also be that he has such enlarged tonsils and they need to be removed.  We shall see.  Personally, I’m afraid for him to go under the knife for any reason; but I will do what I must for the sake of his health.

I’ve done a lot of praying for him over this situation.  I’m not sure how God will handle this but I am sure He will take care of it.  Now, I just wait.  Which, I really hate to do; but the appointment is for Monday morning, so it isn’t that far off.  Of course, as a worrier, I’m also a good prayer, so I’m constantly talking it over with God.  (Like anyone else is going to be listening. LOL!)

For the first 11 years of his life, my son rarely got sick.  Maybe a occassional cold; but nothing that lasted longer than 3 days and nothing serious.  We’ve been so blessed in that way.  The last two years have been rough for him.  Of course, when he gets sick, I have to watch out so that I don’t get sick, too, what with the Lupus and all.  For the most part, he’s not given it to me the last two times, so YEAH ME! 😀

I went to pick up his doctor’s note today and she has him going back on Monday.  I was going to send him tomorrow; but I guess she knows best.  The social worker at school has been appraised of the situation and I’m just hoping that no one gives him a problem when he goes back.  Of course, he’ll be late on Monday, since he has the appointment with ENT; but they’ll just get over it.


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