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Walmart Nuts!

So, I go to Wal-Mart this evening and as I’m leaving the store, I’m nearly run over by some jerk who is drinking a beer and racing in front of the store in his car.  This is amazing!  Why is it that Wal-Mart seems to attacked such jerks?  This is not the first time, either.

Okay, so I live in SW Florida and each winter or BIRD SEASON as I like to call it, flocks and flocks of snow birds head south to invade the area.  This turns our sedate roads into a mecca of old people, bad drivers, rude visitors and a reason to hide from the outside world.  Go to Wal-Mart on any given day and you are likely to find the aisles blocked with carts directly in the center with its operator further blocking the aisle with aimless staring at products on the shelf.  Or these same people rudely pushing their way in front of you, cutting you off, without a backward glance.  Not even an “excuse me” to get by, just a push forward, screw you.

I can’t even begin to tell you about how clogged up the roadways are now.  The normal 20 minute drive escalates to 45 minutes and a short trip to the grocery store takes twice as long as well.  Parking is a nightmare as well.  I’m over the bird season.  I’m counting the days until they migrate north again and leave the area.

We also have a lot of Spanish people in our area.  I have nothing against any person what-so-ever (black/white/Chinese/Spanish, etc.).  This is just an observation though.  The local Spanish community are very family oriented.  This leads to a “group” effort when they go shopping.  Grandma, Mom and Dad plus children all track on down to the local Wal-Mart to shop together.  When their entourage goes shopping, they converge on the aisles like locust on crops.  They don’t speak English or pretend not to and block you as best they can from what you try to get.


I write a list.  I go through the store, following my list, get my stuff and go.  I don’t like to idle in the aisles, leisurely stroll down them looking for things I don’t need, etc.  I like to get in and get out.  I want to shop unfettered, just getting what I need and leaving.  I don’t even like to take my kid with me; because he (at 13) still holds onto the cart and walks beside me like he’s afraid I’m going to ditch him there.  Drives me nuts!!!

Of course, if you have ever seen the photos from Wal-Mart site, you understand the loony’s who shop there.  I also know that since I shop there myself (low prices and all) that I must also be one of them. 🙂  No denying it.  I must be a glutton for punishment as I still trek there each week for the essentials.  Wal-Mart, why do you do this to us?


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