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Leo & Piper and other character’s

Okay, this is a strange blog post.  I remember when Charmed was still on television and how addicted I was to the Power of Three.  I remember how devastated I was each time Piper & Leo had to be separated for whatever demon/angel/power that be, etc. whim.  I once turned to my ex husband after watching the show and saying, “If Piper & Leo, who are perfect for each other can’t do it, how can we possibly do it with all our problems?”  He naturally laughed; because I tend to get wrapped up in the lives of a character in a really good show or book.  I was right, though.  We couldn’t get through our problems — no matter the love — his abuse was not worth the sacrifice I had to make with my life being in danger.  Leo would never have beaten Piper so badly as to cause injury and try to kill her.

Moving forward — several years — I don’t get so tied up with television as I once did.  I do peek my head up every once in a while after reading a book and wonder why the earth hasn’t shattered, the crowd around me isn’t celebrating or that there is only calm instead of chaos.  I have a few television shows I watch; but not so obsessively as I used to get.  Plus, in general, I just can’t seem to find that type of show that I really like enough to get so wrapped up in.  I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, however.  I love Walking Dead and both NCIS’s and Criminal Minds; but not so wrapped up in the lives if the characters as I used to get.

I’d LOVE to be a companion on Doctor Who for a season; but I’m sure they don’t want a middle aged woman and her son to go traveling around the universe with the Doctor; but a girl can dream.  I was in love with David Tenet, the 10th Doctor and wasn’t so keen on Matt Smith, however, he’s grown on me.  I will miss Rory & Amy, and RIVER SONG; but I’m sure the adventures will continue and be as much fun.  My son would love to play a  zombie on Walking Dead.  Oh and I am really liking the new series on A&E “Bates Motel” which is freaky.  I’m not quite sure I like the new series “Hannibal” though.  I’m a real fan of the books about him; but I’m just not that into the show.  I’m not all that sure I even like where they’re going with it, either.  <shrug>  Maybe it will get better.  We can only hope.

I really enjoyed “The Closer” when it was on and have switched to watching the spin off “Major Crimes” since it is all the same characters except for Brenda.  Perception is pretty good as well.  It is definitely a change for Eric McCormack and he does play the Dr. well.   I recently watched the entire Dead Like Me series and enjoyed that and then watched the one season of Freaks & Geeks and really enjoyed that one, too.  Now, that’s one that should’ve continued on; but certainly launched a LOT of careers. 🙂  (I just love Jason Segel)

Anyway, I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel as I do about the lives of their favorite characters and truly lose themselves in the magic of the moment.  I told you this is a strange post.  Just in one of those moods, I guess.  Ciao!


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