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Tricare and the state of our healthcare system

So, as I retired veteran, I’m entitled to use the military insurance, Tricare.  I pay into it quarterly and it covers my son and I when we got to the doctors, hospital, etc.  Recently my son had his tonsils removed and out of almost $12,000 in medical bills, they covered only $2,000 of it.  Not much at all; but still, I guess it is better than nothing.  It is a shame; but as I already owe more money than I’ll ever see in this lifetime (unless of course, I win the lottery; which I don’t really see happening) I’m not all that worried.  It will get paid over time.

Right after my son’s surgery, I received a letter from Tricare telling me, that after all these years with them, that they are no longer going to service my area.  I have two choices:  Get other insurance OR move closer to a military installation where I can see an on base doctor.  WHAT???  First of all, I’m a disabled veteran and single mom.  I barely make ends meet each month.  I can’t afford to move and I certainly can’t afford to get insurance with an even higher premium than they offer.  I have no help paying these things from the EX who just ignores any attempt to collect 1/2 as per our divorce papers and I count myself lucky that the SOB pays child support at all.  Of course, this is an automatic deduction and he has no choice; but still, I’m all alone in this.

Apparently, this new Obamacare crap is ruining others with insurance.  Since I’m retired military, they shouldn’t be able to cut my military insurance, (GOVERNMENT INSURANCE) but they have.  They have cut us off like an infected limb and cast us into the trash.  How is this a help to the country when they’re making those of us who have government insurance and pay for it, go off and find our own insurance?  We already had a pretty good insurance, why are they throwing us to the wolves?  I can only imagine what it will be like for those who haven’t had insurance and will be penalized by the government for not having it or being able to afford it.  It sucks!!!

I’ve written my Congressman and we’ll see what that does, if anything.  I’ve been doing a lot of praying over this situation and am hoping for a miracle.  I’ve been screwed by the government’s healthcare system for the last 20 years and I don’t see an end in sight.  The VA Hospitals have improved slightly as time has gone by; but not by much.  I’ve seen doctors there who care more about marking time until retirement than patient care.  I’ve had doctors who prescribed me medications that I am allergic to and then give ME the stupid look when I didn’t take them and pharmacy didn’t give them to me.  I’ve had doctors get mad at me for giving them my opinion on how horribly they’re treated me.  I had two security guards get their jollies off by putting me in a room and giving me a “rub down” search that was as close to rape a person can get with their clothes on.  I’ve been told my records were missing and diagnosis’s have been misplaced.  I do not believe out government, which takes care of our veterans, will do any better with the rest of our country.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!  We’re zombie walking right into hell without even questioning authority.  The more we give over to the government to take care of things, the less freedom we have to do what we want.  What a crying shame.


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