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Verdicts no longer matter

As a person who was NOT in the jury room nor in the courtroom during the trial, I respect the decision made. I do not have to like it. I do not have to believe in it. I do, however, have to accept it. (and this refers to multiple cases, not just this recent one)

With that said, there have been times when a verdict was not what I wanted and then there were times that it has been. My opinion has no relevance in the grand scheme of things. Neither does yours.

MY ACTIONS are what I am responsible for, so with that said, I will act appropriately and accept the things I cannot change. I will not “riot” or “protest” because I don’t like what they decided. It won’t change what has become.

I’m deeply disappointed in our Federal Government over these recent events in history. With all the available options given to the jury, they acquitted; but our Government decided they’re going to microscope the trial, evidence and find a way to violate the defendant’s civil rights as they are saying he did to the victim. WOW!

Imagine you are in this man’s position. Imagine you have just escaped a fate that would imprison you or kill you. Imagine it was in self defense of your very life. Now, tell me, what would you do if the government decided that despite all the evidence, testimony and court proceedings they were going to hang you anyway. How would you feel?

Our legal system, which has worked for 237 years is now broken. We may as well live in the old west where lynching was legal and the world was lawless. Our federal government has no right to over step the bounds of this state. If we were to judge people by public opinion, then we’d probably have to hang him; but we don’t do that here. We give them a trial. We let his peers decide. We get a verdict and life moves on. In this case, we do not. PUBLIC OPIONON is driving this case and it is a shame.

I remember back in the 90’s when Al Sharpton was in NYC protecting the death of a young black child who was killed by a white teen. He screamed and yelled and led protests against the violator. One week later, a little black girl was killed by a black boy and not a single world was heard. She was just a blip on the radar. He spoke of how it was not racism but gun violence he was protesting the week before; but in my opinion that was a lie.

I’m not anti any color/race/creed. I love my fellow man. I love this country, which has so many opportunities and freedoms. What I don’t like is that it is turning into a factious state. Our freedoms are slowly dwindling away to nothing. The NSA is listening. The IRS is becoming a super power. We have no jobs. We have no food. Our industry is gone and imported from countries that go with cheap rather than safe. We are slowly circling the toilet and even Rome fell.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Before it is too late.


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One response to “Verdicts no longer matter

  1. jonolan

    One, it likely won’t happen. There’s a political necessity in the Obama Regime saying that they’ll look into persecuting Zimmerman for civil rights violations.

    Two, the two crimes are actually quite separate and distinct. Being acquitted of the killing of Martin does not preclude the possibility that Zimmerman violated Martin’s civil rights in the events that led up to that killing.

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