Friday marks the 14th Anniversary of the birth of my son. Over the last 14 years, I have watched a baby grow into a teen and the beginnings of a fine young man.

I can’t believe the time has flown so quickly. I sometimes miss the baby boy he was that I could hold and cuddle in my arms. I treasure each memory of him that we share.

While speaking with him the other day, we talked about the time in 2nd grade when he didn’t want to be a penguin in the class play. Well, come the morning of the play, I again asked him if he was going to do it and he said, “No.” So, I didn’t attend. That afternoon, he came home and asked why I didn’t come because he did it. He was so upset. I was sad to have missed it; but then he put on his costume (made themselves) and showed me what he had done and it was my own private showing.

I have scrapbooks full of memories that I will treasure and pass on to his children. I am so proud of the man he is growing into. I know that he is growing up and away from me; but he’ll be back and I’ll be here, waiting. He’s a wonderful, wonderful person whom I love dearly. My one bright star. God’s greatest gift to me.

Happy Birthday, Baby! I love you!


Government Stay of Execution

So, we are no longer closed. Our government is now open for business. TEMPORARILY!!! That’s right, we have a stay of execution until January. WOW! We now have to wait for the same jerks that closed us down to, once again, negotiate a budget they haven’t been able to agree upon in the first place. We’re in limbo — AGAIN! We’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I feel like a death row inmate with a last minute stay of execution that will only result in my death a few months down the line. I can’t believe these men and women, that we elected to represent us in our government, can’t get their stuff together and balance the budget, get us all working toward uniting the country and being debt free.

Based on the past 16 days, I don’t see a resolution coming before the January deadline and I only see us in further peril come the new year. We look week to our allies and our foes.

We need to get it together our we’ll be lost.

The Government Explained!

The blame, put in its proper place, by a man who can’t be called a racist by the President of the US.

So, it seems that our own LYING President is placing the blame on the Republicans because he is have a HISSY FIT over the lack of funding for his Health Care fiasco. Shoot! I put my 14 year old in time out when he acts like this!

They have two more days to get the government up and running before they will have to face MILLIONS of pissed off Veterans and Elderly people, not to mention the rest of the laid off workers, States that are losing revenue and the people who are just plain pissed off! I think there may be a war on the horizon and it will be won that the Government won’t be able to win.

GOD BLESS THE USA AND IT’S PEOPLE!!!! (Exempt: Those who are not “governed by out laws” Congress, Senate, People in power)

Continued Government Crap!!!!

So, here we are, day 14 of the government shutdown and still nothing!  No compromise, no deals, no government.  And what is the word from them?  “We don’t have towel service in the Congressional gym.”  Hmmmmmmmmm…….JERKS!

Our veterans have over taken the government by storming the National Parks and Monuments in D.C.  They have broken through the barriers and gone rouge.  These same areas, closed to the nation, were open to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, however; because it seems they are more important than the Americans who were willing to give up their lives for this great nation. 

All I can say is that our representatives have until the end of the week to do something or the Veterans, Elderly and Disabled will come after them with a vengeance!!!  I’d hate to be our elected officials if these members of society come after them. 

I have a friend who thinks that our president is a sleeper agent for the Muslims, who is trying to take America down from the inside.  Is it possible?  I’m not sure; but it is a theory.  Is he working for our enemies?  I don’t know; but I am suspicious.  My opinion and those of my friend, however; are not facts and in no way can be proven. 😦 

IMO, using “my way or the highway” tactics is NOT the way to come to an agreement.  Holding the American people hostage while you receive your pay is not good, either.  Why don’t we tell them they won’t get paid until they fix this mess?  When they are not the ones who are losing out on their livelihood, they have no motivation to do the right thing.  I can only hope and pray to God that they will come to an appropriate agreement before people begin to suffer from this travesty.

I love this country; but our government is NOT to be trusted! 


Government Shutdown

UGH!!!! As I type this, the Government has been shut down for the last 10 days. What this means to most is nothing. They don’t see the people who are being hurt by this.

Government workers are on furlough. They aren’t working and they aren’t getting paid. However, they may get paid if the government opens back up.

Veterans — 5.18 million Disabled Veterans will not receive their disability payments or pension payment come November 1st if they don’t reinstate. This means those who depend on these paychecks will not have any money to live. This also effects those members of the military who are killed in action and the money given to family members, which we have already seen during recent news coverage. Just the tip of the iceberg where our military and veterans are concerned. It will next affect the Veteran’s Hospitals and health care, widow and orphans programs and more.

Elderly People — Those who are in receipt of Social Security are in danger of not receiving their November payments. Despite the fact that these retirees paid into the Social Security System, they are in danger of not having an income next month.

Food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, Kid Care and other government funded programs will suffer.

When is it okay to jeopardize the lives of the American People to “prove a point”? When is it okay for the President to turn a blind eye to the needs of the People? When is it okay for “WE THE PEOPLE” to be used as pawns in a pissing contest!!!? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! Put aside your differences and think about the people who elected you, who you promised to take care of, who put their confidence in you by supporting you.

It does not matter what the political affiliation is, the people of this nation are in jeopardy of government collapse. What happens when the government collapses? What happens when we lose everything? I don’t want to see this nation destroyed!

Get it together people!!! I’ve done a lot of praying to God and I am hoping that he will be able to straighten this mess out!