Cruising to Cozumel

So, we just got back from a weekend quick trip to Cozumel on the Carnival Victory ship. Wonderful trip! Loved it. This time, Ian & I got to swim with the Sting Rays. It was AWESOME!!! Just loved it. I’d have taken one home; but it would never have lived long enough to get into my tub. 😦 So, we get in the water and the rays come gliding around us. Two little boys got scared and wouldn’t come near them. They became excited at the thought of food and swam toward us looking for fish. So funny. We got to touch them, feed them and then hold them. I even got to kiss one. I was thrilled to death. One of the gals kept swimming at my legs, forcing them open so she could swim through. It was so funny. I LOVED IT!!!

The ship was beautiful. Our fellow cruisers were great and I even got a fan club! Freaked me out! So, I decided to go sing at the Karaoke lounge and we were one of the first one’s there, so I got to sing a few songs. Well, after a gal sang “Genie in a Bottle” it reminded me of a Christina song that I love, so I put it in. “Ain’t No Other Man But You” was a HUGE hit with my fellow loungers. LOL! So, the next afternoon, the Karaoke was in the Ship’s lobby and I came down to listen and the “KJ” told me to hurry up put a song in. LOL! Well, I did and when I was called up, the crowd went nuts and these gals were shouting my name. Weird. When I was finished, I got lots of applause, shouts, and “much love”. Later that evening, while walking through the casino, another group of singers/cheerers called me over to chat and give me high praise. Also returned the favor — they were so good. LOVED THEM! Met up later that night for more singing and when I left the lounge that night, I was grabbed up by a couple of girls who were screaming my name and hugging me with how great I was. I’m so humbled by this experience. The Lord gave me this voice and I just use it to sing for fun. I’m not needing a fan club, just sharing my love of music.

Spent some time in the hot tub. Took a dip in the pool. Walked through the shops in Key West and also a few in Cozumel. Ate some delicious food and got some great photos. All and all it was another wonderful cruise. Oh and I didn’t get sick this time. 🙂 YEAH ME!

Came home to my fur babies who missed us terribly. As a matter of fact, my little one hasn’t left my side since I got here. He’s my baby and he knows it. I love cruising! I love that it is a hotel, restaurant and ride to your destination all it one.



I’m not sure what happened to my creativity. Lately, I feel that it has sizzled and died. My card making and scrapbooking have been lacking and I think I need a jump start.

I did, however, switch to finishing to crochet the blanket I’m making for my son. It is looking really good. I like it. It is a multicolored blue and I’ll be trimming it with navy blue when I’m finished. I’m not sure how much longer it will take until I finish; but shouldn’t be too much longer. He’s loving it.

I did take a painting class and will be going to one on Tuesday evening as well, which was a lot of fun. The class is pretty open and easy to follow instructions, that I enjoy, so it makes the time go quickly and every one who shows up feels like an artist. 🙂

I do take two card making classes each month, so it does help me that way and I can duplicate them. Sometimes, I just don’t feel all that inspired. I search and search Pinterest for Ideas; but sometimes they just all look the same. Nothing seems to inspire me.

I want to try so many crafts and things but I get so stumped as where to start. Stark white paper stares back at me and makes me want to scream sometimes. I journal, I blog, I make cards, scrapbooks, paint, clay, crochet and any other type of crafty stuff I can get into. I love it. I just want to know how to get started sometimes.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to face up to the fact that I will need to face up to that blank sheet and imagine more. 🙂