Okay, so it’s a day late and a dollar short. I’ve been busy the last few weeks with my son. We had his band concert (he plays tuba). We had church parties and functions to attend and in the midst of it all, I got sick and was down HARD for 5 days. UGH! I hate being sick.

This year was one of the best Christmas’ we’ve had in years. We started out on Christmas Eve with a visit to our favorite restaurant, Rib City. After a late lunch/early dinner, we headed to Walmart Grocery and got a few provisions then headed home for some festivities.

First, we watch Jim Carrey’s “Grinch that stole Christmas” and then did a bit of singing on our Karaoke machine. After a while of fun songs and such, we settled in to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” followed by “A Christmas Story”. By the time we finished watching both movies, it was after midnight on Christmas Morning.

We ate a snack and then I decided to let my son open his gifts. Boy, was he surprised! I’d saved the money and was able to get him a new TV for his room and a laptop with a laptop desk. He was shocked, thrilled and more than a little happy. 🙂

After setting up all his new goodies, it was after 3 am and I decided to hit the rack for a few Z’s. I got up around 10 am and put on our dinner. We decided that since we LOVE corned beef that we wanted it for dinner, so I put on the pot to boil and then slow simmered our meal. Around 4 pm, I put the potatoes and cabbage into the pot and a while later it was DINNER! Corn beef is always a hit with my son. He ate nearly an entire beef himself. LOL! It was delicious. Glad we had it. 🙂

After dinner and clean up, I settled in to await the newest “Doctor Who” Christmas Special. I let myself be swept away into the wild, wacky world of the Doctor and by the time the 9 pm showing of the special arrived, I was more than happy to share the sofa with my son to watch as our Doctor, once again, regenerated into a new body. It was bittersweet, to watch as our Doctor’s familiar face changed, once again, to another and I teared up after Matt Smith left the screen. 😦 Of course, I wait with much anticipation the next adventures, which come Fall 2014 for the new Doctor to make his true on screen debut.

In a nutshell, the episode was a crazy mix of knowing Matt was leaving; but also knowing that his character would be back.

My heart was heavy as I watched Matt’s Doctor age during the episode. He slowly turned into William Hartnell by the time Clara begged Galifrey to help him. DOCTOR WHO SAVED YOU — DO SOMETHING! HELP HIM! And like true people of Galifrey, they helped him before Trenzalore was his final resting place, therefore, rewriting the Doctor’s history and giving him another regeneration. It was beautiful and I loved every second. 🙂 After he regenerated, my son looked at me and said, “I like the new Doctor. I just love his nose.” LOL! What a strange thing to say; but then he is 14 and looks at life way different than I do.

In parting, I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS, a BLESSED New Year and warm hugs.