The Fallen

I just finished watching an episode of NCIS: LA about a man who was under investigation for “espionage”. He was accessing classified documents and in the end, we found out that what he was really doing was making a tribute to all the brave men & women who died in service to their country in Secret Operations. A tribute to those who gave their lives for me and you!

This brought up memories of another story I know. A true story about an Air Force woman during the Korean War. She was a very good friend of mine for the first 10 years after I left the USMC. Together, we stormed the VA for better treatment, respect for women and better services for all.

JP enlisted in the Air Force during the Korean War. She worked in communication and was on the line each day reading all the communication messages that came in listing those who were wounded, missing or killed. JP, being the sensitive and caring person she is, cried for each and every man and woman listed. She later was diagnosed with an ulcer over her worry and strife.

She later married her USAF sweetheart, had three children and became a crusader for veterans with the American Legion. What an honor and privilege to have known her. I carry her in my heart, like the other women veteran’s I have known and love. She’s a wonderful, wonderful person.

Together, we were lucky enough to have gone to the dedication of the Women In Military Service for America (WIMSA) in Washington, D.C. in 2007. We put together a charter bus with 3 buses to go of Women Vets and their loved ones. What a beautiful adventure that was.

JP & I traveled the state of NY, meeting other Women Vets and championing our cause. Twenty plus years ago, Women did not have the kind of care necessary within the system. I remember my first time at the VAMC where the doctor, after spending more than 5 hours to see him, decided that my pain was secondary to my mental health. My pain was (on a scale of 1 – 10) at a 20 and I was on verge of vomiting, when he decided I was depressed and needed to see a shrink. It was a hard start for me. I went to their mental facility only to be given a “pat down” by two male guards and put into a state of distress. To say the VA was women friendly was a joke. I did later report the incident to the head of the hospital; but the lasting effects were hard on me.

Anyway, we had a number of women who met together and made plans, implemented changes and helped to make the VA more women friendly than it ever was. At the time I entered, you couldn’t get much in the way of women’s services. Mammograms, Paps, etc. were not the standard. Oh and we also made sure that men and women were given gowns to wear during exams, which at our hospital was unheard of. Anyway, I am grateful to my dear friend, who has a heart of gold and a beauty that is rare. Still great love for her and her family. ❤


On the Mend

Well, we’re definitely on the mend.  Had to take my son back to the doctor Thursday due to continued fever and shortness of breath.  He’s on Motrin and an inhaler.  He’s now feeling better using the inhaler and the fever finally left him on Friday. YEAH!

We went to church last night and everyone was glad to see us after two weeks away.  During the service, we learned that fasting is a way to bring our Savior back home to us.  Fasting doesn’t have to be just food.  We can fast from electronics, television, our phones, anything that takes us away from God.  I’m going to be one of those people who fasts for my Lord.  I will do whatever is possible to hasten the return of Jesus to us. 

Spiritual food for the soul is so important.  Reading the bible, prayer, fasting…anyway to get closer to my Lord.  I feel so much better when I do things by getting closer to God.

I pray all the time.  I pray for everything.  I was told a while ago by a friend a story about a woman who prays over small things.  It makes sense.  If you can pray to God about the small things, you can definitely pray for the bigger things in life.  I pray at the beginning of my problems now, not as a last resort.  I pray for friends, family, strangers, for whatever reason.  I just love to talk to the Lord. 

I’ve learned to give my problems over to him and I feel better when I do.  I am content with my life here.  I am content with my life, period.  I’ve just finished paying off my Mustang.  YEAH!  Life is sweet and God is great!  I thank Him everyday for the gifts and blessing that surround me.  I am blessed!

Influenza A UGH!

Okay, so this has been the week from HELL! We’re all sick here. We’re all on the Z-pak and Tamiflu. We’re all also taking Mucinex, gatoraid, chicken soup, and sleep! We’re all miserable! I’ve been to three doctor appointments this week, been to Publix & Walmart 6 times for meds and tissues, gatoraid and soup and I’ve still maintained my job as a mom by doing 2 loads of laundry and keeping the dishwasher going.

Last Saturday, my son told me that he wasn’t feeling well and was really hurting with a bad headache. He woke the next day with a fever and cough. By Monday evening, he was full blown sick. Took him to the doctor. I then began feeling it and also went to the doctor.

My son goes back to school on Monday (doctor’s note) and we were both told we were contagious and had Influenza A. Told bed rest, fluids and medicines. We’re feeling so crappy; but on the mend. 🙂

This is the first year neither of us got a flu shot. Just totally slipped my mind. UGH! Never again! We’re both getting them from now on. This stuff sucks! We are MISERABLE! The house needs to be aired out, Lysol sprayed and bleached!

I’ve had intense facial and ear pain due to the sinus pressure on my facial nerve and jaw. It has been horrible. I feel bad for my son. He’s hardly ever sick. Except for all his throat infections due to bad tonsils, this is the worse he’s ever had it. Poor baby. I hate when he is sick. 😦

I have no clue why I am up at this hour; but I’m awake. Breathing is hard. The weather is miserable as well. It was freezing for several days and now it is back to balmy 60/70 degree weather. No wonder we got sick. I understand it was due to a “Polar Vortex”. I’m not sure what all that means; but I do know it sucked!

Hopefully, the next two days will see much improvement in our health and we can get back into the swing of things. On a happy note, this Wednesday, we have an Open House at the High School my son will be attending next school year and we are looking forward to this. 🙂

Justice is Served

Well, without going into detail, I just want to say that Justice has been served. After several months of someone screwing me over, I got justice for the action yesterday. When you break the law, you pay the price! God is great and HE answered my prayers for justice and I’m singing His praises.



I wish you a very blessed new year for 2014. I am blessed to have my son, my car paid off this month, a roof over my head and my two dogs. 🙂

Now for the rant. It’s not even the first full day of the new year and I’ve already encountered a person who is so selfish, self absorbed and oblivious to the fact that other humans live!!!!

This person believes that the world is for them and them alone. I’ve been asleep for 2 hours (maybe a few minutes more) and I get a wake up call to go out to eat. I’m exhausted and don’t wish to. This person will not take no for an answer and decides that a more personal touch is required comes to personally wake me up!!!! By this time, I agree, just because I know them too well and what that they will continue to annoy me until they get their way.

We go to “Steak & Shake” for breakfast. I order the oatmeal and yogurt. I am content, especially since I’ve got it in my head that I need to eat better for my diabetes. I make no comments about the choices they make and eat. I then get dragged to Big Lots and Books a Million. I’m exhausted. I’m ready for a nap. I go home and nap.

6 pm comes and this person INSISTS that they need to go to Walmart and I have to drive. I am not happy. I am in pain. I am barely holding it together for the drive there, let alone the ride home. THANKFULLY, WM is NOT crowded and we get in and out; but I am trying to hold it together. I come home and make myself something to eat. OMG!!!!! “You’re not going to eat what I made?” — Uh, no. I’m eating for my illness. “But I have fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy!” So, I’m eating for my illness and I don’t think this is the right thing to eat right now. “FINE! I’ll just throw it out. No one appreciates that I went out of my way to make dinner.”

Holy Macaroni! I could just shoot myself in the head!!!! I’m sure my son will eat it. He’s a tall, stick thin boy who can eat anything. I’m so over having to justify my dietary choices to a person who thinks that potato chips, a hoagie and a six pack is a nutritious meal. UGH!

End rant.

I am ready to start this year off right. I don’t want to be angry. I don’t want to be used. I don’t want to fight for every little thing in this world in order to get by.

I wish you all a wonderful new year and I truly hope that yours started off better than mine. 🙂