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Dr. Sheldon Cooper

So, I’ve just discovered the “Big Bang Theory”. I know, I know, “what took me so long?” Well, I have no idea; but I was sick in the beginning of January, there was nothing good on TV and TBS has them on nightly, so I began to watch and fell in LOVE!

I have always loved nerds. These nerds, however; are great! I laugh so hard at them; but also feel their painful awkwardness. I’m not a real fan of Penny, though. (Not the actress; but the character.)

I have to say, though, that Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a doll! I simply love him. I want to sing “Soft Kitty” to him and take care of him like he was my son. Jim Parsons does a FANTASTIC job creating this character. I love his laugh. I love how serious he is and his factoids. I watched an interview with Jim about the show and he’s so sweet. I’m in love. LOL!

I’ve been watching the show online to catch up to the current season (only 1 season to go) and I love the way the characters have developed. I love Amy & Bernadette, they really add so much to the show. Amy’s love for Sheldon is so sweet and the fact that Bernadette captured Howard’s heart and tamed the “Ladies Man” is wonderful. She’s a tiny dynamo!

Anyway, I just love the show and am enjoying the seasons. These guys are good for a great laugh.


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