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Not that anyone cares……..

We all know that one person who is a bit of a drama queen.  They make mountains out of mole hills and find a way to get the attention they crave from any situation.  I know one who is particularly starved for attention and sometimes, is so annoying that I want to scream.  Eg. last night, this person got up too fast, which always causes them dizziness & had to grab the table for support.  Now, as someone who has suffered from vertigo for the last 20 years, I know to take it slowly.  This person, however, will not take that advice and I do believe it is for the attention it gets them.  Anyway, this person got up too fast and nearly fell down.  “I almost took a nose dive, NOT that anyone cares.” was the statement made to this action, creating an eye roll from me.  Geeze! Get over it.  Do what you’re supposed to do and you wouldn’t have these problems.  Take it slowly!

So, I state that taking it slowly would result in an easy time of it; but I was met with an angry stare, so I just shut up.  This person wanted the drama, not the advice. 😦

This got me thinking.  It’s true.  No one really cares anymore.  We say we do; but for the most part, people don’t truly listen to others, stop and think about others or truly give a crap about anyone else.  If it doesn’t effect us immediately, most of us don’t even care.  So sad.  I truly believe we’ve reached a point in the universe that we hide behind our media devices and only care long enough to make the appropriate response before moving on to the next thing in our lives.  Eg. Facebook post about how ill you feel gets a dozen “so sorry, feel better” responses; but how many of those people give you a call and ask you if you need anything?  How many of them send you a follow up the next day?  How many of these “friends” care enough to see if you are feeling better? 

For me, since I’m feeling lousy 90% of the time, I tend to not post about illnesses unless it is an unusual event.  However, when my friends say they are feeling bad, I do care and I will pray for them.  It may not be the thing they want or need; but I feel that asking God to speed their recovery is something I can do for them.  I wish I could do more.  But, how many people truly care?  Do they think about the sick friend past the initial post of feel better? 

I cannot say that everyone “doesn’t care”.  There are some who truly care and do whatever is possible to assist.  What I am saying is that this world is becoming increasingly unfeeling due to the fact that so many of us hide behind a faceless/nameless screen without personal contact.  I grew up in a time without all this technology.  I had face time with friends.  Yes, this keeps me close to those who are far away; but what about the person right down the street?  They’re lost in the shuffle of daily postings, time spent in cyberspace and the fast paced life I never wanted in the first place. 

I pray that God will intervene.  I pray that we, as a people, don’t get so lost in technology that we forget how to really live.  I hope that people don’t stop caring for other people.  I hope that the “personal” touch is not lost. 

I read a book as a child about a utopian society that was run by machines and how even the basic sexual acts were no longer for the pleasure of human contact; but per functionary for procreation only.  A place where you were told what to think, what to feel and what to do.  It was sad and I pray that we’re not headed in that direction. 

Hope this made sense. 😀


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