After being here in this house for the last 3 1/2 years, I finally met my neighbors across the street.  It wasn’t because I wanted to, either.  I just happened to back out of my driveway and into their illegally parked, brand new Mercedes GLK350.  The fact that it was blocking our driveway, as they usually do, should have been reason for me to have been more careful; but ACCIDENTS happen. 

I feel terrible that I didn’t even notice it.  It was parked in my blind spot and as I was backing out, I just hit it.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  Thankfully, the damage was minimal.  It was the first time I’d been in an accident in about 10 years. 

Well, I walked to their door and asked to speak with the car owner.  I then told him what I had done and he followed me out.  He was not happy and I did apologize to him for the incident.  I then went into my house, retrieved my camera and photographed the two vehicles.  The police were called and we proceeded to wait for their arrival.

Several minutes later, SHE comes out of the house.  She proceeds to tell me that I’m an ass for not having noticed the car when backing up and then tells me that the whole neighborhood hates me and that I am rude.  WOW!  Really?  This is the first time in the 3 1/2 years I’ve been here that I even saw her.  At no time did she, her family or anyone else on our street ever say two words to us.  I used to wave at them and the other neighbors when I first moved in; however, they never responded, so I just stopped.  I was blamed for “letting my dog defecate on one of their lawns”; but that, too was a crock, since the accuser said she watched me let my dog do so the day before; but we had just gotten back from Miami that morning and my dogs were with me, so my dog couldn’t have did the doo!  I was also told by the accuser that she’d lived here for the last 30 years and I was the only one with a dog in the neighborhood who walks my dog past her house and no one else would let their dog crap on her property!  Go figure.  We also have a LOT of dogs in the neighborhood, so I’ve come to the conclusion she is daft.  😀

Anyway, the police officer came to the house, took our information, took photos and then cited that both of us for the cause of the accident, which had them pissed off.  There excuse was that their son was moving the cars so he could drive; but he nor his car, were present when the accident happened, so the car was “parked” illegally while he was out driving. 

BTW, even my insurance agent asked why they were parked illegally and when I explained this is a regular event, he was amazed they would constantly park to block my driveway and not on their lawn; but actually on the street. 

Well, today my friend  popped the dent back out with a push and my damage is just a few scuffs and scratches.  Mine looked far worse than theirs; but I’m sure theirs will be more expensive since it is a Mercedes and new.  I’m sorry it happened; but had they not been parked the way they were, I wouldn’t have hit it. 

Oh well, whatever.  What’s done, is done. 


Freedom of Silence

I just watched a movie called, “Freedom of Silence” which is about the year 2030 and how it is illegal to be a Christian in the United States. How our government enacted laws to make it illegal to worship God freely. The very principals upon which this great nation was built were flushed down the toilet because of intolerance.

This movie, though not factual, could very well be on the horizon. This country is in danger of losing the very values and freedoms we so cherish. It is time we wake up, people and see what is going on right in front of our noses.

Our president is making a mockery of our religious values by disregarding the “National Day of Prayer” and instead, having Muslim ceremonies instead. How he is turning his back on the Constitution over and over again only to try and enact and force laws on us that he and his constitutes are “exempt” from following.

Gas prices have steadily risen since he went into office, leaving many people barely making ends meet. The rising cost of gas has the cost of food elevated and the sad fact is, we’re heading to another depression if we’re not careful. I truly believe this man is trying to bankrupt and ruin this country.

My prayers are for this country to band together and remove the gangrenous limb that is poisoning us and for us to heal. God has always blessed this country and I do so hope that He will continue to do so for a long time. However, with the current state of things, I do not see us recovering soon enough.

Take, for example, a recent article about the state of the Welfare System. A recent article mentioned that recipients of food stamps were spending too much of their stipend on soda, cookies, cakes and other junk foods. In my opinion, those who receive food stamps should not be permitted to purchase such things; but to purchase healthy foods. This is just an opinion. I shared this opinion on social media, only to be blasted by a food stamp recipient about how she is entitled to these vices and how she can’t last an entire month on her lowly $189 stipend, in which she also purchases cookies and sodas. WOW! Interesting. I spend around $400 a month on food for 3 people. I do not buy crap. I buy vegetables, fruits, meat and grains. I make good meals for my family. I stretch the money, use coupons and shop deals. I’ve learned to be frugal out of necessity. I wanted to eat healthy, so after dumping the processed crap out of our diets, I’ve found that you CAN eat on a budget and be healthy without going broke. YEAH!

This person, for whatever reason, is receiving a stipend to assist with her food budget and insists that she can’t get enough to eat without eating crap. I remember when I first left the USMC and only made $300 a month and how I made “way too much” for assistance even though I could not afford rent, food, electric and water on only $300 a month. I can only thank God and my parents for getting me through this horrible time in my life. If this same occurrence happened today, I don’t know what I’d do. Our country is quickly going down hill and I don’t see us recovering from it any time soon.

We were one of the strongest countries in the world and now we are borrowing money from China. We’re spending more than we’re making. We owe other countries with no hope of ever receiving repayment. We’re on a slippery slope. God help us all.