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Little Pom Lost

Yesterday, I learned the devastating news that my friend lost her little boy, Luka, her Pomeranian. Luka was a 6 year old, little black Pomeranian who was best buds with his brother, Niko and his sisters Sophia, Mika and Yoki. Luka’s little life was cut short on Monday evening, so unexpectedly and tragically. He wasn’t sick, so it was a horrible shock for us all.

This takes me back to May 1, 1996, the day after I took my sweet Jake to the vet to get neutered. Jake was my first Pomeranian and the love of my life. He was just about 5lbs and my ultimate companion. I called him the original “Purse Puppy” because he’d go everywhere with me, tucked away in my purse. He loved it and was such a good little boy. I loved him dearly. I’d gotten him through and ad in the newspaper. His owners didn’t want him anymore and were getting rid of him for $75. It was love at first sight for both of us. We really bonded and for the next 7 months, we were the best of friends.

Jake had a hard time waking up after surgery and the vet decided to keep him over night so they could “Keep an eye on him”. Little did I know that from 9 pm until the vet came in at 6 am, he was entirely alone in a cage. I was devastated when I received the call at 6:30 am that he had passed. Jake was only a year old. It broke my heart and took me over a year to stop crying over him and waking up missing him. I still miss my little man.

In 2007, during the late summer, my 4th Pom, Peanut, also died unexpectedly. He was only 9 years old. Two years previous, we nearly lost him to a stomach virus which infected the good parasites in his stomach. He fought the good fight and survived. We were lucky. However, two years later, the virus returned and took him over night, without me even realizing he was sick again. It came swiftly and once again I my heart was broken. I’d lost his Momma in May (she was 11) but we knew she was dying. I’d had little Peanut from birth and this was so hard. I’ve so loved my babies. I was down to just one.

For those who see a dog as a novelty, I pity the dog. For those who have a member of the family, I am with you. For me, these furry babies are family. For me, they are my babies. Slowly, over time, my Foxy got older and older. His once bright reddish orange fur turning whiter and whiter as he approached old age. He was slowing down, losing his sight and hearing; but with high spirits. Foxy always had a smile on his face, loved life and people. He was with me from the day I lost Jake until that beautiful May day when he went to sleep and never woke up in 2009. My baby was 13 years old. Never did he know a day of sorrow, he was treated like a prince. I loved him so much.

Of course, I had Teddy to help me through this rough time and he is thriving still. He’s my constant companion, my little love and I’d never get another dog breed.

So my friend, I know your loss is hard. I know your heart is broken. I know the grief you are going through and my heart is heavy with the loss. (((HUGS))) to you and your family. Prayers for peace and comfort and relish in the knowledge that Luka has gone over the Rainbow Bridge and is awaiting your arrival in heaven.


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