It’s a Pomerian World

In 1992, after a “routine” dental extraction, I became disabled. I was diagnosed with TMJ & Trigeminal Neuralgia with sinus problems and headaches as well. Shortly afterwards, I underwent two surgeries to try and correct these problems, only to come away worse off than I was before surgery. I was discharged from the USMC and went home to try and recover, adjust and live my life.

In November 1995, I went companion shopping at the local dog shelters, trying to find a “buddy” to hang out with during my pain-filled days and nights. I finally found saw an ad in the newspaper for a male Pomeranian who needed a new home, so I went and met Jake and brought him home. Jake was my best friend.

Jake was about 5lbs and the original “purse puppy”. I took him everywhere I could with me and if he couldn’t come (like to the VA Hospital) I’d leave him with my grandma for the day. He was such a great companion. I loved him so much.

As with most Pomeranians, he was a one human dog. Many a day we’d spend lying on the couch just watching television or laying in bed reading a book or sleeping. He was so attuned to my needs and always seemed to know when I just needed to stay abed.

On May 1, 1996, after my veterinarian finally convinced me that I needed to neuter Jake, I dropped him off for surgery. I wish I had not done it. Jake screamed when the assistant took him from me to go into the back room. It broke my heart. It was as if he knew. Later that day, I called to check on him and they told me he’d have to stay the night; because he was having difficulties coming around and they wanted to keep an eye on him. I was so worried.

At 6 am the next morning, I receive the phone call that he had passed in the night. I was devastated. My whole world came crashing down around me. I learned that NO ONE was with him from 9 pm until the vet came in at 6 am. If I had known that, I would’ve taken him home and stayed up with him all night. My best friend was gone and my life was in ruins.

My boyfriend stayed with me all day long and we found another ad in the paper that day for a Pom puppy. We drove over an hour away to a breeder who had about 30 poms and purchased a little red male who chose me and I named Fox. At the time, I had NO idea it was a puppy mill.

Fox never met a stranger and LOVED everyone; but especially babies. Right away, I told him he’d never be as beautiful as Jake or as loved; but he set out to prove me wrong. He was so beloved, beautiful and for the next 13 years, my best friend. He had such a wonderful personality. We had many an adventure together, too.

When he was 6 months old, I got Fox a companion, Dolly, a beautiful cream pom, who was as sweet as can be. She was a real doll. Fox and Doll were my life. We went to Florida together. We went to Washington, D.C. to visit the WIMSA Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean Memorial and many other smaller trips closer to home. They made my life so much more enjoyable when pain was so much a part of my everyday existence.

In January 1998, they had a litter of pups. Dolly had 5 babies – 4 boys and 1 girl. I couldn’t believe it!!! Such tiny little babies and she was such a proud Momma. I helped her deliver the pups and take care of the little darlings. She was such a good Momma, too. We found homes for 3 of the pups and kept two little boys. A little blond boy we named Lover; because he just loved everyone and the runt of the litter, a tiny red boy who I called Peanut from day one. Life was wonderful!

In January 1999, we moved to the Florida panhandle. Life with 4 dogs was fun. I spoiled them rotten and loved them fiercely. I had only been in Florida a short time when I became pregnant with my son. Life was great! My best friend and her daughter came by to help me with a project one day and Lover fell in love. He loved all over my friend’s daughter and after she left, Lover cried at the door like he was sick. Oh did he morn the loss. The next day, he was still mooning over her when I got a call from her asking if she could have him. How could I say no when they were “meant” for each other.

Crystal came by that afternoon to get Lover. As soon as he saw her and she asked him if he wanted to go home with her, he was gone. LOL! He left without a backward glance. I’d never seen a love like that; but I knew he’d be in great hands and well loved. And then there were just my three babies.

Fox and Peanut had a rivalry over me. They both adored me and hated to share. I sometimes had to separate them over it. However, the two of them adored and loved my son. From the moment he came home, the two of them watched over the boy and allowed no harm to come to him.

In May 2007, at the age of 11, Dolly crossed the rainbow bridge. She just went to sleep and never woke up. We were all devastated by the loss and mourned her greatly. She was such a wonderful little lady and still missed. It wasn’t but 3 months later that Peanut died suddenly due to a parasite infection in his stomach. My poor little boy was gone and I was at a loss. I still had my Fox as well as my son’s Corgi, Tippy; but life was not the same without my little Peanut.

In 2008, while scanning pet finder, I came across an ad for a tiny cream-colored pom that no matter how much I tried; I just couldn’t get out of my mind. I returned to his photo again and again and read his ad over and over. He was in far off Nebraska. I contacted his owner and after a few emails, Teddy was mine. A short flight later, he was home with me.

I will never forget the night I brought him in. I opened his crate and let him out for the first time to meet my son, his 3 friends, and our dogs, Fox and Tippy. He looked left, right and then crawled straight up into my arms, tucked himself up under my chin and snuggled in deep. He was home.

So, Teddy was the newest member of the family. Well loved, quickly adapted and a sweet addition.

May 2009, Foxy crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 13. I cried for my lost boy. He was my little old man. He was losing his fur, smelled like old dog; but I loved him so much. I lay beside him many a night when he just needed someone to hold him. I held him until the end. He was the most beautiful little man I ever knew and my heart is still so full of love for him. He still has my heart. I remember one time a friend of mine said, “That dog stinks and is falling apart and here you are, still loving on him like he’s a little baby.” And all I could think was “Of course I do, he’s my baby and I love him so much.” Even with half his fur missing, he was the most beautiful dog I ever knew.

June 2009 – My Ex-husband tried to kill me. I was in an hour-long fight for my life. I am grateful that neither Tippy nor Teddy was hurt. I am grateful that my son and his best friend, who were also present that night, were not hurt. I walked away with broken bones, bruises and emotional scars; but I walked away and I am grateful.

Each day since, I’ve had my Teddy who has loved me so much. He gives me so much attention, love and adoration. We are safe. We are together and we are family. Tippy, Teddy, my son and I. Teddy is a registered Emotional Support Dog because he knows so well when I need him. He gives me what each of my babies has always given me, emotional support.