Suicide hurts us all.

My friend decided the other night to try and take his life. He overdosed on his medication. I had to call 911. At first I cried a bit; but then I got angry. I’m angry that he felt his life was disposable. I’m angry that he tried to do it near me. I’m angry that he ruined our plans. I’m angry that he still wants me to pick up the pieces of his shattered life.

I’m also sad. I’m sad that he felt so little for anyone else in his life that killing himself was the only answer. I’m sad because if he had succeeded, he would have been gone and so would his laughter. I’m sad that he suffers depression so deep that he doesn’t want to go on.

I’m happy his attempt failed.

I’m disappointed that he lost all hope.

Prayer has been my saving grace that last few days. God has filled me with so much hope for this man. God is going to save him, work in his life and bring him through this. God will give him hope to go on.

He gets out of the hospital on Monday and begins intensive therapy. I see a light. I rejoice in the Lord for what he has done to save him.


Marching Season Over

So, this Marching Band season is over. We had our Homecoming game on Friday (Halloween) and the kids packed away their uniforms. What a great season!!! They won their first competition and got Superior at the MPA’s. The band did an outstanding job this year. I was so proud of them and their accomplishments.

My son’s next adventure this school year is trying out for Drumline. I purchased him a marching snare drum for his birthday so that he can practice, rehearse and enjoy his talents. He is so loving exploring his abilities to perform.

Ian has made friends, I’ve become the “Band Mom” that a lot of the kids love and life is good. So many good kids are in the band and if it wasn’t for all the “chatting” they do, they would have been a lot farther than they were mid season. Anyway, these kids did an outstanding job on their season. The music was outstanding. They performed 3 Latin numbers that just worked so well. The show itself looked wonderful and from the guard to the dancers, the performers did a wonderful job.

Can you tell I’m a proud mom? Well, I am!!!!

Highlights of the season: They had a competition at one of the locale HS’s and took first place trophies in every category for their division. A total of 7 trophies were awarded for music, performance, drumline, marching, visuals and stuff. It was great. They worked so hard and deserved it all.

At MPA’s they were the first band to receive a Superior grade. All those who performed before them were only rated at Good. I was so happy for them. One of the other mom’s wrote all the bands scores and we got the highest of them all. So, we went home very happy.

A young man moved to our area from up north (Ohio) and is also a drummer. He’s 2 inches shorter than my son, is slim and wears glasses and they call him my son’s twin. It’s so funny. Ian told me that he’s also in his Jazz band class and out of three songs, Ian gave him one to play for their concert. Unfortunately, this young man does not want to be in Florida, so his attitude is terrible and I feel sorry for him and his situation.

I’m really enjoying the experience, even when things did not go so well. At the first competition I got incredibly sick with pain and by the time I got home from a day long event, I was ready for death. Took me two days to recover. UGH! Overall, it was just an awesome experience for us and we’re anticipating what will come next.