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Little Sophia, My Hero — A tribute

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I’ve written about Little Miss Sophia before; but now it is time to say good-bye to the sweetest little gal.  Sophia crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 3:55 am on Tuesday after nearly 15 years of life.  Her Pommy Mommy wrote this beautiful Tribute to her on her blog and I can’t imagine not doing the same.

Little Sophia was a PomChi mix who lived the “good life” in Las Vegas.  Three pounds of rough, tough fluff, Little Sophia was such an inspiration to me.  Her story is one of rescue and abuse.  Her Mommy, Tara, started a Facebook page on her: which has over 3,000 followers.

I first discovered Little Sophia earlier this year.  I couldn’t resist her adorableness.  I became a fan.  I became a fan of her Pommy Mommy.  I heard bits and pieces of her story.  I learned of her abuse by a past owner.  I cried for her and rejoiced in her triumph in overcoming it.  I was addicted to her smile.  I was addicted to her personality, photos and the way her Mommy “talked” for her.  Let’s face it, I was IN LOVE with this baby girl!  I looked forward, eagerly, to her photos and posts.  I followed her on Facebook and Instagram.  I almost felt like a stalker, not a fan.

As a Pomeranian mom for the last 20 years myself, I know what these little ones can do to you.  They wrap you around their little paws and don’t let go.  You are then helpless to give into their every whim.  It’s the eyes.  They have a way of drawing you into them, mesmerizing you with them.

Little Sophia is my hero.  As a fellow survivor of abuse, I know the ups and downs associated with overcoming the pain.  I know what it is like to live with the scars of abuse.  In Sophia, I saw love, happiness and strength.  Sophia was truly a Warrior Princess in every way.  She was a Pommy Super Model, Pomeranian Rescue Ambassador, inspiration and a loving ball of fluff all rolled into one.  LOL!!!

When her story came to life a short time ago on the Pommy Mommy blog, it confirmed my what I had already suspected about this brave little lady.  She had been to hell and back.  Poor little lamb.  How anyone can hurt an animal is beyond me; but when someone hurts 3lbs of puppy?  That’s insane. What kind of monster does that?  What is wrong with people that they think hurting someone smaller than them is cool?  I hope the person who did this to her rots in hell.  Or better yet, give me 5 minutes in a room with them.  I’ll show them what it feels like.

Tara & Rocco, her new Mommy & Daddy, knew the deal and pampered this little princess as she deserved.  Her big, hulking Daddy turned to mush when his little girl needed something.  Her Mommy was so inspired by her that she designed a company around her.  A 3lbs baby! She sampled, modeled and tested every product.

Recently, PomWoms were introduced to the shop.  Her brother & sister, Niko & Yoki, were the spokes models.  Nope, not in Sophia’s book.  She waddled over to the PomWom and plopped down for her photo shoot.  She knew what she wanted and never let anyone tell her otherwise.

I loved this little one like she was my own. I mourn her passing; but I also celebrate her wonderful life.


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