The world has gone crazy!

And I’m along for the ride.  Some days I am definitely the bug in the windshield/bug scenario.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered people who think that getting a hand out is a way of life.

Take for instance the latest fundraiser I am running for our H.S. band.  We’re selling ad space for our banquet program.  It is a great opportunity for us to make money without any start up.  I’ve only heard negativity from one young man who IMO thinks the world owes him.  Each year, the students are allowed to “pay over time” their band dues for being in Marching band and drumline.  This young man is in both and owes a LOT of money.  It is sad that he doesn’t even make the attempt AND is a total jerk when it comes to actually participating in the fundraiser.  “We can’t sell ad space.  No one wants to buy that stuff.”  REALLY?  REALLY?

I don’t know what rock he’s been living under; but every business I know advertises their business.  I think he expects us to just “forgive” his debt because he has talent.  It is so sad.  However, I am not letting one bad apple spoil it for me.

BTW, I helped design and implement the costume for them and it looks great.  I’ve heard them say it is “ghetto” but considering we’re broke because they don’t pay their dues or anything and the school district doesn’t support music programs, I am at a loss.

Anyway, from the teens these days to the parents that are raising them, we’re facing a world that is quite mad.  People are rude.  People are antisocial.  People don’t care about hurting others at the slightest provocation with no thought for the consequences at all.

I miss the days gone by when you actually talked to people and treated them how you want to be treated.

I’ve reconnected with several childhood friends that mean the world to me.  I remember the great outdoors that we loved to spend time enjoying.  I remember the carefree days of fun and love and freedom, which we no longer seem to have these days.  Where did it all go?  I wish I knew.

But the world has gone crazy and I’m just along for the ride.