You know you’re with an abuser when:

EVERYTHING is your fault.

They tell you what you’re thinking, even when the thought hasn’t crossed your mind and insist that you are the one who is trying to start a fight.

When they use all their powers of persuasion to try to get you to do what they want and not what you have to do or want to do.

When they use manipulation and bullying to get their way — you give in because it’s just so much easier.

When they repeatedly apologize for their mean and hurtful words; but say them as soon after the apology as they deem fit.

When they attempt suicide and then blame you for it.

When they scream over you so they don’t want to hear what you have to say.

When they act like they’re two years old.

When they call you names constantly.

When they compare you to others constantly and expect you to be a better person, even though they can’t even reach the level of “perfection” themselves.

When they can’t leave the past in the past; but have to throw it in your face all the time. However, they don’t allow you to bring their past into it.

When they constantly treat you like crap for everything and then tell you it’s a joke.

When they play the blame game.

When they beg forgiveness for a slight; expecting instant forgiveness; but won’t give the same.

When they lecture you on all your “bad qualities” and treat you like a “bad puppy” who needs to be beaten with a newspaper.

When the mimic your every word to make you upset that they won’t allow you to talk at all.

Mind games.

Words hurt just as much as being struck.  It wears you down and debilitates your mind.  IT’s time to go.