This and that….

I’ve been MIA for a while; but I’ve been so busy, so let’s begin. My friend went into the hospital and it was not pretty. He nearly died from a bleeding ulcer. Vomiting and shitting blood took us to the hospital; but only after 18 hours. The doctor told him that had he waited any longer, he’d have died. Not pretty.

Since that time, he’s been extremely weak. He needed 3 pints of blood and plenty of rest. However, he also had a lot of water retention. This caused his legs to blow up and made standing up difficult for him. It’s been 2 months since he left the hospital and he is FINALLY able to get up and down on his own. His stomach is still not fully healed and he’s in need of another stomach scan a colonoscopy.

My friend had been in the hospital twice in the span of a week. The first time was for stomach issues and then the bleeding began 5 days later. Really scary. He’s on the mend.

My son, on the other hand, has had a wonderful season during FFCC’s Indoor Drumline. After months of preparation, he and his team took 1st Place in their division for the entire state. I couldn’t be prouder of them. They worked so hard and it paid off. I can hardly believe what a wonderful young man he is growing into. I am so proud of him. What a great person he is becoming.

Check out his performance here: CCHS Indoor Drumline

Over these last two months, I’ve been busy as can be. I’ve been taking care of my friend as well as taking my son to practices and his final competition. A while ago, my eyelids started swelling up and I attributed it to allergies. I’m allergic to everything and with so much in bloom, it was a logical assumption. However, about two weeks ago, I started having stabbing pain in my right eye. It was killing me. I then began to experience blurry vision. Time to call the doctor.

Last Thursday, I saw an ophthalmologist and found out that I have possible glaucoma. My eye pressure is up to 25 (normal is no higher than 22) and need to have addional testing done. I’m taking drops right now and having to dilate my eyes to relieve the pressure.

This has me in a lot of pain as well. I can’t hardly see at all, my vision is so blurry. I have my screen up to 200%. I put out the prayer request at my church and I can only pray that God will answer them.

Also, around this time, I had given my brother-in-law some advice about his and my sister’s upcoming divorce. I explained to him that at one time he was in love with my sister and wanted to spend his life with her. That they had started a family together and that the kids didn’t need mommy and daddy to hate each other. I advised him to not let his pain/anger control the situation; but to make it amicable. I wanted him to know divorce is hard on everyone and making it hate filled was not the answer. You see, my BIL has a painful disability and it makes him angry at everyone. This is the root cause of their divorce.

My sister, on the other hand, took great exception to this communication and we are no longer speaking. This is not the first time this has happened. As a matter of fact, due to some unknown reason, my family has always thought I was/am a piece of shit.

It was a year ago December when my father let it be known that the “family” has always had to “put up with my shit” and that they speak of my b.s. when they get together. I’m mystified as to what the issue is all about and without their enlightenment, I guess I’ll never know. My baby sister hasn’t spoken to me in 6 years for some unknown reason and now the middle one has cut me off. <shrug> So be it. I’m not about to kiss anyone’s ass to be a part of my life. The only one in my immediate family who speaks to me is my mother and I do believe it is only so that I don’t take her grandchild from her, something I would never do anyway.

So, I’ve certainly been a busy woman these days. I’m trying to increase my creativity as well; but that is slow going. I received a Cricut Expression for my birthday back in October and I have finally gotten to use it last week. YEAH!! I’m going to start Ian’s Sophomore year scrapbook and this is coming in handy.

Gotta run, busy, busy,busy…..