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Trolls & The lies they tell

SO I get a nasty email from Leif’s Ex wife’s husband.  I get told what a horrible person I am and he knows it because he’s heard it from my ex, his wife and the friends they have all fucked and cheated on me and Leif with while we didn’t have a clue.  Hey, that’s an honest bunch if you ask me.  I had sent an email to her telling her to stop stalking my Facebook account and tell her friends the same.  I am not stalking them at all.  I don’t even think of them anymore.  SMH.

They preached what a wonderful man my ex is and how it was all my fault that I am the one who ruined two families.  Ha, ha.  That’s right.  I ruined these families by putting my ex’s dick in Leif’s ex’s pussy and took pictures of it.  Yup, that’s right.  All my fault.  The fact that I have 3 video cassettes and 32 cd’s with photos and videos of them, their friends, etc. plus the emails I printed off from the ex’s computer after I put him in jail of all the things they were plotting is further evidence.  I have the proof and collected more than enough evidence against them and what they have done.  Let’s also not forget the fact that he chocked Leif’s youngest son with bruised neck, which kept him out of school for a week, over a piece of pizza.  He also gave his autistic son a black eye and then on New Year’s Day 2009, broke into their back door and accosted this same young man, which Leif picked him off of the boy and threw him against the wall in defense of the boy.  But, hey, my ex was a “good” man.  And so justified in beating me and my son and giving my then 8 yo son beer and showed him porn on the internet; but hey, I’m the bad guy.  Also have the pictures of the black eye and bruised neck that Leif took.

I was accused of evicting a 14 year old girl from my home in 2008 because she wouldn’t fall in line with my rules.  This is pretty true.  Alexis was staying with me until her mother got a job and place to live.  Laura did both.  However, the fact that I found a file on my computer filled with nude photos of Alexis and about 6 other underage boys is what set me off.  After confronting her with it and how it was child pornography, I called her mother and Laura wanted her home.  Yup, I evicted her.  BTW, Laura and I are still friends.

I was accused of breaking into Leif’s house and attacking his ex.  So, I added both of them to my cell phone account and she refused to pay for the phone.  $30 a month.  He paid me regularly and the agreement was that she would pay for hers.  After 3 months of no payment, I came into their house one afternoon with Leif and she was on the home phone with one of her friends trash talking me about how I could shove the phone up my ass.  I walked right into the bedroom, where she was sitting in front of the computer, saw the cell and snatched it up.  She tried to attack me to get it back.  I left with it and that was that.  I sent a text from the phone that afternoon that stated the number was no longer hers and to no longer call it.  I did call her cunt face in it; but hey I was pissed that my generosity was being trash talked.

Fast forward to two months later.  The phone is dead, it’s in my closet where it has been since that night and untouched.  I get a call telling me that I am continuing to text her friends and work all kinds of nasty messages.  I tell Leif that I’m coming over and  bringing the phone to prove it.  We have to plug it in and she’s accusing me of deleting the messages.  I tell her I have no reason to lie.  I don’t lie and she needs to stop her shit.  She threw an empty beer bottle at me and it hit me right in the forehead.  I went nuts.  I grabbed a ceramic dish on their table and used it to bludgeoned her with it.  If not for Leif, I would have killed that bitch.  If not for Leif, I would have gone to jail.  She lost the battery in her phone and couldn’t call 911.  I was immediately remorseful.  I should have just pressed charges against her instead.  I lost my temper.

I was accused of two acts which I haven’t a clue about.  I bullied an 8 yo girl and destroyed a washer and dryer.  Never heard of these two things, so I’m at a loss.

My ex was arrested in 1984 while stationed in Wisconsin for raping a woman.  The USMC defended him and in lieu of jail time, he was relocated.  I have the police reports and court documents to prove it and I thank God for his 1st Ex and my good friend, Jeanne, for leading me to this tidbit.  It’s funny how he cheated on both of us and then accused both of us for it.  She, too, has the evidence of his cheating on her, still.  He lies straight faced; but most psychopaths do.

My son couldn’t have friends come over because he was so rough with them and they always got hurt.  It’s a shame.  My friends Destiny & Derek brought their boys over to swim and they pulled the kids out of the pool because he was being such a jerk and was being abusive to the kids.  My friend Karen stopped letting her boys come by due to him hurting her disabled son.  I have photos of where he bit my son 20 times, all over his body, and the bruising that covered him afterward.  I should have put his ass in jail for that and I truly regret not doing so.  I put it off to him being drunk.

He attacked our good friend Ron, drove home drunk and then ran the van into the garage door, which both Ron & I witnessed; but we were both liars.  In 14 years together, he “never” did a thing wrong in his mind.

When I left him in 2009, I put all his things in storage and paid for it until the month he was released from jail with his retired pay.  I sent the key to his girlfriend; but for some reason, I am accused of leaving him with nothing.  Oh, well, I have the records to prove this as well.  The return receipt signed by her and the storage receipts as well.

I was informed that the only reason my ex kicked my ass was because I bit his thumb.  I laughed.  I was told I was going to hell.  I have been judged as evil and I am going to hell for all my sins.  Gosh, I had no idea that anyone other than God could judge me for my sins.  I have the blessed assurance that I will be in heaven.  I am saved and I will not be judged by man.

I will not deny that I am a sinner.  I fail my Heavenly Father daily.  I am human.  I will not deny that.  However, I am covered by the blood of Jesus and have committed my life to him.  I have confessed my sins to Him and laid myself bare to Him for judgment.  I was raised Roman Catholic; but am now Southern Baptist.  I know my bible.  I know I was born a sinner and nothing I can do will change that, except the sacrifice of Jesus.

Oh, nearly forgot.  I guess they read this blog; because I was told that the reason my father and sisters all hate me was because I’m evil.  I laughed.  My sisters and father have told me they love me.  I cut them from my life due to their negative attitudes.  Whatever.  I defend myself here; because I need an outlet to rid my heart and mind of the poison of their attack.  I am now free and will think of it no more.

Life is good.




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Retired Marine, Christian who survived Domestic Violence, living with Lupus, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sleep Apnea and living my life for Jesus! My son is a Senior this year!! YIKES! I love music! My son plays drums in his High School Marching Band & Percussion group. We live with three fur babies -- Tippy the Corgi and Honi & Teddy the Poms. I scrapbook, stamp and make rag dolls for fun! I've recently started acrylic painting and making jewelry. Life is good!

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