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Waiting on the Lord

Since the Lord gave me a “vision” several months ago, I have been waiting for His perfect timing.  I have struggled with this and had doubts.  However, the Lord is faithful and true at all times and has let me know numerous times when I have been in these times of doubt.  Whether it is perfect scripture at the perfect time, a photo, an encounter or a spoke word I have heard, He assures me of His continued work in my life to await His precious gift.  Timing is everything.

Last night, I had a moment of question; but not lack of faith in Him.  This morning, I went to my Girlfriends in God devotional and it was PERFECT!!!

This is just the latest answer I have received over these last several months.  WOW!  He is my world and I am so amazed by His devotion to me, a sinner, flawed so much; but devoted to Him and His love for me.

In the past, I have seen my prayers answered in so many ways.  I have heard His voice, LOUD AND CLEAR, in my head when I was giving up, telling me to stand!  I am devoted to Him and His perfect timing.  I despise when the enemy tries to push doubt into my heart and mind.  I know, I have seen and I will wait.

I remind myself constantly that He is faithful.  I remember all the times in the Bible that he has said, “Remember what I did for you in the past…..”.  I bring up those past blessing and remember and pray to Him in gratitude for His patience with me.  I pray my apologies for doubting, even for a second and I pray to Him that I will use my memories of His blessings to get me through until His perfect timing.


My Son ~~ He was driving me crazy yesterday.  He comes into the living room, looks at my knee and says, “What did you do to your knee, Mom?”  I swear to you, I looked at him as if he had grown two heads and said, “I told you yesterday that I fell in the driveway.  We had an entire conversation where you asked me what I had done on Wednesday and I told you it all.”

“You did?”

So, I am more than a little annoyed.  I turn to an “expert” on boys.  A friend who has 3 of them.  I ask if this is normal boy behavior at the age of 17.  Turns out, it IS.  UGH!  Then, my son has the audacity to tell me, “You know, I really don’t know why you tell me “blah, blah, blah”, I don’t even care.”

Really?  WOW!  But wait, there’s more!  He gets annoyed with me that I am not talking to him.  I had nothing to say, so I was just quiet.  He asks me what is wrong and I tell him nothing.  He’s not convinced, so I begin to read him an article I was reading about what “Not” to put in your vagina and he took off like a shot.  SMH!

So as I am discussing my frustrations with my “expert”, I hear the boy in question laughing and talking to his friends on his PS4.  Expert tells me that, too, is typical boy behavior.

So, as a single mother, no man in my life; but the boy, I am at a loss.  However, I am not giving up, even though last night I might have wanted to give him up for adoption.  LOL!  Que sera sera!!!


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Retired Marine, Christian who survived Domestic Violence, living with Lupus, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sleep Apnea and living my life for Jesus! My son is a Senior this year!! YIKES! I love music! My son plays drums in his High School Marching Band & Percussion group. We live with three fur babies -- Tippy the Corgi and Honi & Teddy the Poms. I scrapbook, stamp and make rag dolls for fun! I've recently started acrylic painting and making jewelry. Life is good!

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