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SPOILER ALERT if you watch SVU and haven’t seen it this week yet!

So, I just watched this week’s Law & Order SVU and it dealt with Domestic Violence.  A subject near & dear to my heart.  A young boy is playing on a youth hockey team sexually assaults another player for losing the game because his father tells him to do so.

The boy who is assaulted winds up dying due to complications with the injury.  The young boy leaves the locker room and then goes back into said locker room and assaults the other player with a hockey stick to the rectum, as per daddy’s orders.  As the case goes on, they discover that the father is abusing the entire family and they see that he’s got them under his thumb.  The older teen brother finally provokes the father and is assaulted and records the incident to try and assist his younger brother.  There is also an elementary school son that will eventually receive the same legacy if dad isn’t stopped.

Okay, why am I writing about this you ask?  It brought back the memories of what happened after my ex tried to kill me in 2009.  I was assaulted and nearly killed by him and afterwards, we relocated south and in October, 4 months after said incident, my son was showing signs of acting out and misbehavior.  I took him into the Children’s Advocacy Center here and got him enrolled into counseling.  Immediately, it came to light that his father was knocking him around, giving him beer and showing him pornography on the internet at the age of 8.  I was devastated.    He was told not to tell me.  His father was doing all of this behind my back.  I blame myself.  At that time in my life, my stress levels were out of control due to the ex and I was constantly down due to my Lupus.  Taking Prednisone, going in and out of the hospital, sick all the time, etc.

I hated myself when I found out.  I cried so many tears for my baby boy.  I wanted to kill the SOB.  My son & I worked hard to recover from this terror.  After the June assault, we had a permanent restraining order issued and the ex was not allowed to come near us at all.  I am grateful for that.  I also am grateful that the man has since passed away and can no longer hurt my boy.

At any rate, the show triggered this angry response from me about the whole Domestic Violence issue.  I stood my ground, went to court, wanted him to pay.  I’m not like other women who allow their spouses to have that control.  He hit me.  He hit my son.  He tried to kill us; because I know if he had killed me, he would have killed the boy, too.

My Lupus has been under control for the last two years.  My stress level is greatly reduced.  I am a much better person these days and my mental state is much improved.  I still have nightmares from my PTSD; but I am in control for the most part.  I am not a mess and we are living a great life.

I wish more women and  men who are abused by their significant others would stand up.  We need to eradicate this type of behavior.  No one should be allowed to hit, emotionally abuse, sexually abuse, cheat, etc. anyone.  It is horrible and needs to stop.




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Retired Marine, Christian who survived Domestic Violence, living with Lupus, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sleep Apnea and living my life for Jesus! My son is a Senior this year!! YIKES! I love music! My son plays drums in his High School Marching Band & Percussion group. We live with three fur babies -- Tippy the Corgi and Honi & Teddy the Poms. I scrapbook, stamp and make rag dolls for fun! I've recently started acrylic painting and making jewelry. Life is good!

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