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Shoulder UGH!

MRI was Thursday and Urgent Care called to tell me I have a torn rotary cuff. I see the Ortho Doc on Wednesday to get the full scope.  Anyway, since this left shoulder has given me trouble since the assault in 2009, I’ve decided to share that story here for the first time.

On June 15th at approximately 2300, my husband, Douglas E. Hanlon, came home drunk after having an altercation with the neighbor up the street. I was returning from the bathroom to the bedroom when he confronted me. He blindsided me with a hard smack to the left ear, which stunned me, causing me to not be able to hear, intense pain, followed by a sharp ringing sound. He repeated this action for a second time. He kicked me, came at me again and I put my arms out to stop him and pushed him away, causing him to fall into the printer stand, knocking it to the ground. He lost his balance and fell toward the printer; but grabbed my arm, wrenching it as he went down and pulled me down with it. My left shoulder was dislocated from it’s socket.

I tried to pull away from his grip; but he held on tight and the pain was too much. He took the thumb of his left hand and jammed it into my right eye socket, trying to blind me. I leaned down toward the hand holding my arm and bit into his finger until he finally let go of my left arm and punched me in the mouth. I got up. I grabbed my cell phone from my desk and ran toward the bathroom to try and call for help. He grabbed me from behind by the ponytail and swung me around and began to punch me in the face repeatedly. As he was punching me, he kept stating “This is for your BFF” (Best Friend Forever). When I went down, he proceeded to kick me. He then grabbed my pony tail as I lay face down and put his hand onto the back of my neck and then began to jerk my head up toward the ceiling. It caused me to gasp for air and began to choke me. I gave up all resistance because I truly feared for my life. I felt that he was trying to break my neck. All the while, he kept stating that all he ever wanted to do was love me. I dialed 911; but I am not sure that the call went through or not. He grabbed the phone out of my hands yelling, “That’s right, call the police – Help me, my wife is assaulting me.” He then kicked me in the face, causing me to go backwards, and fall down onto the bathroom floor and broke the cell phone, while screaming at me to tell our son that I was just fine. He sat down on the toilet seat and kicked my head and back while Thomas & Ian looked on, screaming and crying, asking if I was okay. I couldn’t move or seem to catch my breath. I was done. I couldn’t go on anymore. I could taste blood in my mouth as he repeatedly kicked the back of my head. I gave up. He won, I was going to lay there and die. I heard a voice in my head tell me to open my eyes. I didn’t want to and refused. The voice came again, this time louder, echoing through my brain, “Open your eyes!!” I opened them and could see Ian & Thomas as clear as day, even though my glasses were not on. I am blind as a bat without them.

I got up and hugged my son and stated that I needed ice. He let me head toward the kitchen and I ran out the door. I was going to go to my next door neighbor; but he followed me out into the yard and punched me again, dragging me back to the house by my pony tail, so I decided to try to get back to the house phone for the call and told him I really needed the ice. We went back into the house and he called me several names and was rather p.o.’d that he was bleeding. He stated that he never hit me and that I was a delusional bitch. He stated I was lying about him hitting me and I was going to jail for assault.

My son’s friend (Thomas) and my son (Ian) were very upset. His friend expressed concern over his parents and I had him call them. All the while, Doug was screaming that Thomas’ father was at home killing his mother. He kept telling Thomas that his mother was dead; that his father killed her. Thomas called his house and his father answered. Thomas talked for a moment, and then stated that his parents were coming to get him. Doug then stated that he was going to retrieve his knife so that he could kill his father. Doug ran upstairs and the boys followed, all the while crying and screaming that he couldn’t do it. I used that opportunity to once again call 911 and gave my name, address and information to the dispatch. I was patched to ECSO and they stated a car was on the way.

I ran out my door and the police were there. I was instructed to remain outside as they proceeded into my home, guns drawn, and handcuffed my husband and put him in the squad car. Thomas’ parents came and picked him up while I was outside and he went home. I spoke with the Deputy and an ambulance was called, which took me to Sacred Heart Hospital.  An EMT put my shoulder back into place before we left.

At the hospital, x-rays and a CT scan were administered and I was treated for a concussion, contusions, abrasions, sprains and minor injuries to my face and mouth.

I took pictures and carried them around in my purse for a long time to remind me during the hard times that I am a survivor.  The shoulder popped out several times over the next month and I would slam my shoulder into the door jam to put it back in place.

In 2012, I had a 3D MRI in Tampa of my head and trigeminal nerve and was told I’d had three micro strokes due to the traumatic brain injury I suffered at the time of the assault.  So pissed.  I’ve also suffered a lot of pain and numbing in my left arm and should since that time as well, so I guess it was just a matter of time before all this happened.  <sigh>  Even from the grave, the bastard is still screwing with me.




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