Not My America

It’s a sad day here in the USA.  It seems that the whole country has gone mad.  It is no longer “My America” any longer.

My America is beautiful.  We’re diverse, we’re proud, we’re free and we’re grateful to those who paved the way.  My America is color blind, kind and gives a helping hand.  My America salutes the flag, kneels before God and stands proud to claim to be American.

Growing up in America, I was raised in a small town in New York with only one traffic light, best friends who were black, Puerto Rican and Jewish, went to church on Sunday at our local Catholic church and even attended more than one Saturday evening in the Synagogue, worshiping with my best friend, Heather.

In the summer, we all swam in the lake and winters skating on that same lake.  We had numerous sleep overs, hikes up the mountain and overnight camping trips to various locations with the folks.  I’ve marched in many a Veteran’s and Memorial Day parades as a girl scout and attended more than one function at the local American Legion Post and our Elks Lodge.

I respected my elders and God forbid I gave them sass, because my Mom and Dad would find out and I’d be in deep waters.    I volunteered to help others.  I made regular visits to my grandparents and celebrated holidays like Christmas and Easter in school!  It did not matter that my best friends were white, black and of Indian descent, all that mattered to us was that we liked each other and had the same interests.

We were poor and I never even knew it.  We were on the Government Cheese program where the government brought the dairy surplus from farmers and gave it to those in need.  We got it monthly and even cut the mold off it to eat it when we had it for so long that it began to go bad.  I wore hand-me-downs from my cousins and most of them were male.  LOL!

I was bullied.  I was beaten up by both girls and boys.  I worked it out.  I liked everyone; but not everyone liked me.  My parents didn’t fight my battles, they made me do it myself.  They didn’t involve themselves in kid fight; because kids make up and parents are still angry and it’s over kid stuff.

We celebrated our differences; but we also joined together in our solidarity as Americans.  It is the old school, hometown values that made this country great.

Big Jim and Tiny were the local gay couple we all knew were gay and that you could call on them for help if you needed it.  They also had a cool steam engine in their front yard, which was so cool.  A good friend of the family, a man named Niles, was Jamaican and the darkest skinned man I ever knew and we called him “Uncle” because he was like an uncle to us kids.  We knew to be home by the time the street lights came on and we were hardly ever at home; but out playing and enjoying the fresh air.

If a person wore a uniform, they were an authority figure and we had better behave or we’d be in trouble.  We knew most of the town police and firemen.  They knew who we were, too.  We could walk or ride our bikes anywhere.  We were safe.  We were home.

It’s why I, myself, put on the uniform and served this great nation.  To protect and serve.  To honor what those who came before me had already established so that my children could enjoy the same rights as I did.  And yet, here I am, raising my son in a country I don’t even recognize.  I also have to state that in Sept & Oct 2016, I received a flag for two fallen Marines, both of which served Honorably and passed.

People are killing people for being different.  People are disrespectful to each other.  People are rude and self – centered, self – obsessed, and selfish.  People move to this country and think we need to change to fit into a mold of the country they left.  If it is so important to you to have your customs, why did you leave?  Why should I have to adopt your customs and values?

When I was stationed overseas, I had to adapt to their local customs and ways.  I didn’t go their expecting them to change their laws and customs to accommodate me.  I was expected to follow their ways.  As a matter of fact, everyone who does go to a foreign country in the military, has to go through a weeks worth of orientation before going to their commands so that no one can say they were unaware of local laws, customs and traditions.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

With all that has changed in the last 15 years or so, I’m not sure that we’re going to be able to bring this country back to it’s former glory.  It’s a shame.  Yes,  there are problems; but violence doesn’t help.  Protesting doesn’t help.  Treating people with disrespect doesn’t help.  We have to work together in order to work it out.

What I do know is all of this discord is tearing our nation apart.  I’m saddened and wanted so much more for my son.  I’m hurting for our children.  I’m hurting for the country I so love.  I’m hurting for those who are hurting.  I just want my country back.

I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  Today, not so much.  I was disappointed in the fact that they refrained from even entering the field for the National Anthem.  These men are paid to perform.  They are not a political organization.  They are overpriced showman.  It’s the same with actors/actresses.  They’re paid performers.  They make more than the average American does to entertain us.  Why are we giving them the power to do this?  We need to cut them off.





Irma & Faith

My son and I came through the storm wonderfully.  Minimal damages to the property.  My two plumeria trees have been bent, one so that the tree is lying down.  I can’t lift it up; but I do believe it can be salvaged and sent a pic to my lawn care guy.  Hopefully, he can get her upright again.  I also lost the mail box and the screens on the lanai.  No storm surges at my place and blessed beyond measure!!!!

We were without power for 28 hours.  Not bad.  We had no power for 15 days during Ivan in 2004, so this was a vast improvement. 😀   God bless the linemen for all they have done to get us back up and running again.  Grateful to God for all He did to save us.

As the storm approached us, the wind was wicked and wild.  On Saturday, I had friends tell me that I was committing suicide by staying.  No matter how many times I told them that the Lord was with me and that the Lord gave me a sense of peace and calm that I would be okay, they all thought me a fool.  I was so upset by what was said to me and not the storm.  I was hurt by those who couldn’t believe that I was in God’s hands and He was protecting me from harm.  I never doubted my Lord or His protection.

My son and I were not worried.  I’d never put my child or my animals in harms way.  I prayed continuously; but not in fear.  I prayed His word back to Him.  I prayed that He is my protector, my shelter from the storm, my rock, my strong fortress, my hope, my strength, the Creator whom I place my complete hope and faith in.  He hears and He provides.  He is an awesome God, who loves His people and when we put our trust in Him, His love is greater!

After the storm and I reported my safety to friends, I received a message that stated, “Your faith in the Lord is great.”  So, this friend drove with her family all the way up to PA.  Here I am in SWFL, the day after, lying on my bed and I send her a text.  “Can you bring me back a couple of cases of Birch Beer?”  “Sure!!!!”  I’m in HEAVEN!!!  So, it makes up for the whole, you’re gonna die by killing yourself thing. LOL!  Nothing like post storm, bed laying, birch beer dreaming, grateful to God for being safe, giggling to myself time!!!

A beautiful day outside today, as was yesterday.  Grateful to be safe and secure.  God is so wonderful.  I trust fully in Him.  He is my everything.  I couldn’t wait to share this testimony; because I have been walking with God since last November when he gave me a vision for my future and I have remained steadfast in my faith in Him.  I renewed my faith in Him in 2009 and have been faithful ever since.  I’ve prayed regularly since that time.  However, I have spent nearly the last year getting even closer to the Lord.   I have been growing my relationship with Him for a long time; but not as intensely as I have since November 2016.  My faith and trust and hope, in the Lord, are unshakable today!

So, I renew my faith in Him today, in gratitude and love.  I stand strong in the Lord.  I am the daughter of the one true King!  God is good, all the time!

I pray for quick recovery efforts by the state of Florida, as well as the state of Texas, after these 2 devastating storms.



After living through a Cat 4 Typhon in Japan in 1992, Hurricane Ivan (Cat 5) in Pensacola in 2004 and Dennis (Cat 3) in 2005, I think I’m ready for Irma.  My son & I cleared the lanai, froze water in the freezer and have food, so we’re as ready as can be.  My landlord is coming to put up the shutters and we’ll be ready.  We live in a concrete block house, so I’m thinking the only thing may go is the roof.

Okay, bitch!  Let’s get this party started!!!!!!

Listening to music, singing my heart out and waiting.  And, we all know how much I hate to wait!!! LOL!

School’s been cancelled, my son is thrilled.  I’m in continuous prayer for our safety and the safety of the people who may be impacted by this storm.  My prayer is that the storm will keep moving eastward and zip on out into the Atlantic.  We can always hope.

I’m so hoping it won’t impact us; because on Sept. 24th I have tickets to Zac Brown Band in Tampa & I’d hate to have to miss it. 😦  Anyway, we shall see.  We shall see!

A week ago, I joined “Slimming World”.  It’s an online weight loss group with online meetings, accountability to a group and support when you need it.  I lost 11 lbs this past week.  Holy crap!  I’m sticking to it and have about 90 lbs to go.  Now, as long as I don’t got back on steroids, I should be able to do this.

The parental units are in Georgia, out of harms way.  Mother states the hotel is a fleabag; but at least they’re safe.  Her and the father are fighting; but I know it is because he lost a good friend on Friday and is just being his usual asshole self to everyone.  Not that he has a right to be an ass; but you know how it is.  He just can’t help himself.