Painting & Craft Show

I’ve made two and a half paintings this week.  I have been feeling rather sick for the last week and a half.  Last Sunday, I couldn’t even get out of bed.  My vertigo has been acting up and when it does, I feel so out of control.

Anyway, I made a painting for my dear friend, Francine.  It’s a beautiful woman, reaching for the light with red hair.  Yes, Francine is a red head.  She’s a beautiful person and I just saw a picture on the internet and I just had to paint it for her.  Francine is alone in NYC.  Her parents are both gone and we’ve just made such a strong connection with each other.  She also has a Pomeranian, so, she’s a great person. LOL!  Even though the distance is far, we connect on a deep level and I can’t imagine a better friend than her.  She’s also an inventor and is now marketing her baby travel containers.  I just adore her.

My second painting this week was of the Pittsburgh skyline.  It needs one more thing added to it; but I am pretty satisfied with it.  I’ve started a third by painting the entire canvas black and it now awaits it’s subject matter.  Yesterday I was going to start on it; but my dizziness is making it hard to hold my head up, so it will have to wait.

Next Saturday is the craft show I signed up for to sell my jewelry creations.  I’d asked a friend to look them over; but so far, hasn’t done so.  <sigh> I don’t want to be a pest, so I’ll just go forth without knowing.

I have necklaces and bracelets and I just need to get some hooks for my display boards and I will be set.  It is at one of the local high schools and is just 1/2 a day, so I should be okay.  I’ve already gotten a table cloth and have added many tags and such to them at this point.  I really hope all goes well.  I also hope that I am feeling a bit better before this day comes.  UGH!  Sometimes I so hate my body and it’s betrayal.

Tomorrow, I go back to the ENT doctor.  I am not looking forward to this at all.  I know that I am still suffering from voice problems and I have no idea where this will lead me.  The right side of my throat is throbbing today.  I couldn’t even speak last night by the time I went to bed.  I am really afraid that I have a serious problem with my voice box and I don’t want to lose it forever.  Of course, I have a big voice, so it would be missed. LOL!  I had a friend once who called me “Ethel Merman” all the time and when he did, I’d belt out a song in imitation of her.  He’d always laugh.

Have I mentioned that patience isn’t one of my strong suites?  LOL!  Still “patiently” waiting on the Lord.  Having to be patient with these test results.  Got blood work done on the 31st and was able to look them up on Friday and was pleased that they reflected much better than 6 months ago.  It was really hard to wait for the few days to see them; but I am extremely please with the results all the same.

Rooting for the Falcons today in the Super Bowl.  I just can’t root for the Patriots, not since “Deflate Gate”.  It was such a betrayal and I just can’t do it.  So, the Falcons it is.

I remember when I was married and we used to have such great Super Bowl parties.  I’d spend two days preparing food and getting the house ready for the game and we’d have such fun.  Or I’d prepare food and we would go to the American Legion and party there all night.  Such great fun.  I even found my son’s Steeler’s jersey from way back when.  It’s so tiny.  Made me miss him being that small.  Hard to believe he’s already 17.  Time sure does fly.

You can never go back.  So, onward and upward.




Here it is, 1:30 am and sleep alludes me once again.  I hate it when I can’t sleep.  My mind just won’t turn off.  I went to bed at 11 pm and got back up after laying there, wide awake for an hour and a half.  UGH!  I hate nights like this.

My stomach is also bothering me for some reason.  I hate it when I get nauseous.  It’s usually when my pain is out of control.  I’m tolerating my pain right now; but the sick feeling is overwhelming.

I took the kids to see “Split” on Saturday evening.  Great movie.  The acting was superb.  The actor  (James McAvoy) who played the lead did an excellent job of portraying someone with multiple personalities.  The actress (Anya Taylor-Joy) was a joy to watch.  I couldn’t get over how beautiful this young lady is.  She was quite impressive as well.  The story was good and we all really enjoyed the movie.  No spoilers!!!!  M. Night Shyamalan did another impressive movie.

I’ve finished two books, been jewelry making like a fiend and even broke out the paints tonight and prepped a canvas.  A little over 2 weeks to go until the craft show.  I’m getting nervous about doing it; but I keep telling myself it’s only a half a day.

In the words of Mr. W.  “You’ll either sell it all or nothing, what do you have to lose?” LOL!  So true.

I was rather disappointed in the way this one product worked for me.  It was the glue I had to use for about 15 pieces.  It didn’t dry the way it said it would after more than 36 hours, so I put it in the toaster oven.  UGH!  My son says they look good.  Hopefully others will think so, too!

I have prepped them for sale; but still need to figure out prices and how I’ll display them.  I’m thankful that I got an indoor table.  Only God knows what the weather will be like that day and if it’s too hot or too cold I’ll be miserable. LOL!

My son got me into listening to the band, “Postmodern Jukebox” which do Jazzy versions of modern songs from various artists.  Great singing and playing.  He is so into Jazz and I couldn’t be prouder of him and his playing.  I was listening to him play the other day and he has come so far in his playing.  His original instructor and I were talking today and he is very impressed with the direction the kid is going in.

He is still deciding if he will be going with his grandparents this summer.  I told him it was his decision.  We don’t know how much time the old farts have, so I’m leaving it up to him as to what he wants to do.  I’ll figure out what to do with myself this summer with or without him. 😀

I’m going to be putting my book into pdf format over the next week and will begin the editing process.  It’s more of a “novella” than a book, since it’s about 40,000 words and not 70,000 plus that a novel needs; but I am happy with it thus far.  We’ll see where it goes from there.

As far as the singing goes, I really have to wait until my voice/throat is fully healed.  I tried; but I lost my voice and I don’t want to completely lose the ability to speak, so I’m putting that endeavor on hold for now.  <sigh> I can’t help but be a bit disappointed; but I will get to it one day. 😀

Still awaiting God’s plan for my love life. Still seeing the signs that he is guiding me.  Patience.  I’m learning patience.  Praying a whole lot these days.  Not that I didn’t always do a lot of praying.  I seem to do a whole lot of talking to the Lord about everything and anything.  Hey, when you need expert advise, you go to the expert!

Starting 1 Corinthians at Bible Study this week.  Finally got finished with Job.  That was a tough one and I look forward to this next study, Paul’s love letter to the people of Corinth.  How wonderful.  I know I will get a lot out of this one.

I’m going to try and get some sleep.  Hopefully, this time, I’ll get to do so. 😀


Happy New Year

So, it’s a new year and only 4 days until the kid goes back to school.  I’ve kept the kids busy.  We went to Russell Stover’s and Museum of Science yesterday.  It was a nice day for us and they seemed to really enjoy the museum a lot.

New Year’s Eve was spent going out to eat at Rib City, followed by church service.  We watched “God’s Not Dead 2”.  Great movie.  Cried, of course.  Makes you think, that’s for sure and the movie left an out for a third movie.

Took the kids to see the movie Sing, which I really enjoyed.  I wasn’t sure that I would; but I really did.  Cute movie.  Will probably buy it.

I’m deciding whether to sign up for a craft show on February 11th.  I’ve gotten busy making stuff for the day and went shopping for some supplies today that were on sale as well.  I’m going to be busy, that’s for sure.  😀   I’m hoping the craft show gets well promoted.  It’s being held at ICHS, so hopefully they do a good job of it.  Just wanting some advice about if I should go for it or not.

Things have been slow and easy here at the house.  I am taking down the tree tomorrow.  It’s been up long enough.  I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day stuff is already out.  Stores seem to push the holidays on us nearly as soon as the last one is finished.

Book work is coming along well.  Over 30,000 words completed.  The car is going in for it’s first scheduled maintenance check next week.  I finally hit over 4,000 miles this week.  Ha, ha.  Only took me 6 months. 😀

Mom turns 70 tomorrow.  Can’t believe it.  She certainly doesn’t act like it.  She’s just told me a few weeks ago that she wants to take my son and nephew on vacation this summer across country.  This, of course, is after I told her I was taking my son up north to visit with his siblings and to visit several friends.  I am not happy; but even if my son goes with them, I believe I will still go north to visit.  I can’t believe that she knowingly made these plans.  Same shit, different day, I guess.  I haven’t said anything to her; because there truly is no point.  SMH.

Well, I’m off to get busy making stuff.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A New Day

“There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning……”  I love this line from the Newsboys song.  It makes me feel like even when I’m at my lowest, tomorrow is always a new day, filled with new hope.  I love that.

Today is beautiful.  I am so grateful for my friends, family and beautiful life.  I am grateful that God has gotten me through so much in 2016.  I have the strength to survive and have.  I can hardly believe another year is almost over.

I believe we’ll put up the tree this weekend.  We decided on a Nightmare Before Christmas theme this year and are using the white tree Leif had bought for $5 a couple of years ago.  Everything is black and white.  I got a strand of purple lights and even made several ornaments.  I made felt Oogie Boogies, Sally and Zero’s.  All look cute.  I bought some white balls and made them into Jack’s face.  Hopefully, the tree will look good.  I’m going to drag out the black ornaments from the garage and the purple tree skirt.  I was going to make a new skirt; but remembered the purple one, so I’m just going to use that one.

As it is black Friday, I will not be going out to shop this weekend.  I’m not crazy or stupid. Ha, ha.  I’m looking forward to church tomorrow night, even though it will be a small crowd.

The dogs are driving me crazy this morning.  Honi is barking like crazy and I haven’t a clue what for.  I’m sure it’s just fairy farts. LOL!

I have a few ideas for this year’s Christmas card, which will be part of my weekend as well.  Gotta get busy or be lost in the shuffle.  I hope everyone has a blessed and SAFE day.

Don’t drive faster than your Guardian Angel flies.


I’ve picked up a paintbrush for the first time in 29 years.  I can’t believe I’m doing it.  As a crafty person, I am not surprised by the need to express myself; but I guess I never thought I’d start painting again.

I took art classes in high school and became pretty good at it at that time; but I left behind the paint and pencils long ago.  It wasn’t until I took a few free classes at our local Michael’s that I’ve found my inspiration once again.

Last night, I created a “Red Riding Hood” painting that I must say impressed me.


Back in HS, I loved painting in both tempera and acrylic mediums. This painting is in acrylic and I’m relearning how to texturize, build and express myself through my work.  I have a heavy hand and have to learn to use lighter strokes to not push the paint; but allow it to flow freely to make the painting come to life.  I can’t force it, even though the control freak in me so wants to do just that. LOL!

I think Red is brave.  I think she is going to a place that even though she wants to, is also a bit afraid to go; but she’s pushing herself to do it.  There is so much that is unknown and she will conquer that fear.

I don’t know if I’m good.  I don’t know if I’m not.  What I do know is that I enjoyed the experience and I am pleased with the way it turned out.  I’m ready for the next one.  My art tends to be on the dark side sometimes; but I’m okay with that.  Sometimes we have to use the darkness in order to find the light.


I’m not sure what happened to my creativity. Lately, I feel that it has sizzled and died. My card making and scrapbooking have been lacking and I think I need a jump start.

I did, however, switch to finishing to crochet the blanket I’m making for my son. It is looking really good. I like it. It is a multicolored blue and I’ll be trimming it with navy blue when I’m finished. I’m not sure how much longer it will take until I finish; but shouldn’t be too much longer. He’s loving it.

I did take a painting class and will be going to one on Tuesday evening as well, which was a lot of fun. The class is pretty open and easy to follow instructions, that I enjoy, so it makes the time go quickly and every one who shows up feels like an artist. 🙂

I do take two card making classes each month, so it does help me that way and I can duplicate them. Sometimes, I just don’t feel all that inspired. I search and search Pinterest for Ideas; but sometimes they just all look the same. Nothing seems to inspire me.

I want to try so many crafts and things but I get so stumped as where to start. Stark white paper stares back at me and makes me want to scream sometimes. I journal, I blog, I make cards, scrapbooks, paint, clay, crochet and any other type of crafty stuff I can get into. I love it. I just want to know how to get started sometimes.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to face up to the fact that I will need to face up to that blank sheet and imagine more. 🙂