A week in the life.

This week has been a bit crazy.  The weather has been cooler and it’s rained several  nights.  This has messed badly with my Trigeminal Neuralgia and I’ve been miserable.  So much so, that I am not going to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie today; because I’m in such pain.  I know I won’t enjoy it, so I’m not going to waste my money in misery.

Tuesday was my son’s first college “Jazz Concert”.  What an incredible experience.  He is a great musician and I so look forward to where God is taking him.  In the program, he was listed first name “El Oso de Jazz” last name – drums.  (The Jazz Bear) Which I found to be so cute, so it’s his new nickname around here. LOL!  The funny thing is I’ve always called my family some kind of bear, so this is perfect.  ❤

This morning was a tragic, crazy time for me.  The dogs got me up at about 7 am and I let them out.  I turned around and there was a frog on the glass door.  I quickly shut the door and he was trapped between the two doors.  I tried to work the doors so that he could get outside; but he was trapped and I was freaking out.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the frog to go outside.  Well, I wound up squishing him and I felt terrible.  Due to him being squished in the track and all, I couldn’t fully shut the door.

In this house, we spell fear “F-R-O-G”.  Doesn’t matter the species:  frog, toad, what have you, it is faced with FEAR! UGH!!!  This is from a childhood of torment by my sister to me with them and I have to say it is embarrassing; but it’s my life.

Now, because it was only 52 degrees this morning, my face was filled with stabbing pain the likes of which I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me into it just to escape the horrible pain.  I took some meds and went back to bed.

When I finally did get up, I let the dogs out, again and the dead frog popped out on the track and was ready for removal.  I went to get my son to have him take it out for me.  Of course, he’s as brave as me when it comes to these things, so I had to give him a set of long handled tongs in which he picked it up and escorted it out of the house to the fence to be tossed over.  He dropped the thing twice on the way; but mission complete.  We then threw the tongs away.

We have church tomorrow and he has plans for the evening tonight.  I will eventually get to see the new movie and I’m sure I’ll review it.  My son teased me about it when I told him I couldn’t wait to see it and then get it on DVD, along with Bohemian Rhapsody.  He stated, “Oh, so you’ll now have three movies on the weekly rotation instead of just “Fantastic Beasts”.  LOL!  He knows me so well.

I went Turkey Day shopping yesterday; because I knew I had to get it done.  I got our small turkey for only $5 and I’m thrilled.  Bought  all the fixings for it as well and I’m ready.  Got two pies — Chocolate Cream and Pecan.  Should be a nice day for us.

I truly hope that you and yours have an extremely blessed Thanksgiving.  Don’t gobble ’til you wobble and be careful on Black Friday.


Bohemian Rhapsody

My son and I went to see the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody on Sunday. IMO, it was AWESOME! Yes, the timeline is not perfect; but after viewing multiple videos from the creators and actors, I understand why it is not exact and it didn’t take away from the story.

With all that said, I cried for the last 30 minutes of the film. Yup. I did. I hurt so bad for the break up, the deception, the love that Freddie so desperately wanted in his life.

Having been raised listening to Queen’s music, this was a wonderful way to showcase their talents on the big screen. The actors did the band justice. I was impressed with the performances. I was impressed with the “theatrics” and the portrayals.

As I stated, I watched many videos, both of Queen and interviews with the creators and actors. I watched videos of Freddie Mercury and when Rami Malik states that he was a great soul, I couldn’t have agreed more. The fact that two band members collaborated with the script writers to portray them all as accurately as possible, tells me that they had great love and respect for Freddie and they didn’t make him out to be a bad guy. I also had the pleasure of watching a video of his mom and sister, which was fabulous.

I often wonder why the great ones die young. Yes, I know it is because of their lifestyle choices; but when you think of the talent that we’ve lost, it’s just sad. Of course, not all of those who have had incredible talent died because of bad choices; but in the entertainment industry, so many fall victim to the harsh realities that not everyone is a good person and is only there to help you. Some people are just jerks and take advantage of talent.

As I’ve watched interviews with that beautiful man, I see a heart that longed for something and a man who didn’t know how to find it or where. His music will last for eternity. He poured his heart and soul into making music for the people and he was a master. That voice was incredible.

I watched him sing “Barcelona” with Montserrat Caballe’ and was blown away by his range and performance. The fact that they recorded the album together and he wrote most of it himself is incredible. All I can say is, we’ve lost a great and talented man.

My son enjoyed the movie as well. At least that’s what he says. LOL! He’s not as vocal as I am when it comes to expressing his opinion. I could watch that movie again and again. The music, the drama, the crazy, was all moshed into a well-acted, well told, well enjoyed movie. You don’t have to agree with me. I just know what I like.

Political Correct is Crap!

I don’t care if you are pink, blue, yellow, orange, black, blue or any other color.  You’re good to me, I’m good to you.  I don’t care if you sleep with men or women.  It’s none of my business.  I don’t care if you put milk on your Cheerios or if you eat them straight out of the box.

In this world, there will be struggles.  In this world, people will disagree with you.  In this world, everything is different for everyone.  No two people are going to experience life the same way that you do.

Lately, anyone who disagrees with anyone else is called a bad name, told they are wrong or worse and it seems to me that if you’re not kissing everyone’s butt, you’re wrong.  SORRY to tell you this; but in a country where we are FREE, we can feel, think, say, want, wish, share, etc. whatever we want.  AND IT’S OKAY!

I’m not going to apologize to anyone who disagrees with my opinion.  I am not going to kiss anyone’s butt that throws a tantrum in front of me; because I don’t agree with them.  I am so tired of the television, radio and internet telling me that I am wrong for not agreeing with them.

I don’t care what Hollywood stars think of politically.  I don’t care if men call me a bitch for being a strong woman.  I just ignore them.  I also don’t care if a woman does either, for that matter.  I don’t have to agree with anyone.  I am as free as the next person.  That is why I am at a loss as to what is going on in this country.

Disagree with someone?  Protest their existence.

They eat/serve/distribute meat and meat products?  Protest them.

You’re gay/bisexual/asexual/transsexual/lesbian?  Protest those who are straight.

You’re straight?  Protest LBTG’s.

Republican?  You’re Satan’s own children and must be destroyed.

Democrat? You’re a whiny bunch of brats and need your diaper changed.

Since when is it alright for people to go out of their way to hurt others just because they think differently than someone else?  I’ve seen so much hurting going on in this country and I’m so sad.  Whatever happened to compromise and living with each other as different; but equal?  I spend more time praying for this country than I do for anything else.

Oh and let’s not forget the #metoo movement.  I’m glad that people are stepping up to the plate and standing up to those who have done them wrong.  However; I also want to see those who wrongly accuse to be prosecuted as well.  I’m the mom of a boy and am so afraid for him.

My son is the nicest, gentlest, sweetest young man.  He treats women with respect.  He’s that way; because he’s seen me abused and he knows the heartache of abuse himself.  He stands up for his friends, male and female.  He’s the kind of young man who will come to me when a friend is hurting and ask me to pray with him for this person. And because of this, I am afraid for him.  He’s just the kind of person who will be falsely accused, not because he’d do anything inappropriate; but because he is a sweet, young man who just wants to help out a friend.

In a world where those who scream the loudest are right and get the attention they seek, right and wrong does not matter. I’m saddened by the country I love, which is slowly sliding into chaos.  I’m saddened by the people who have ruined this country with their lies and hatred.  I’m saddened that people are offended by everything and anything.  I’m saddened by the lack of morals and values the American people have given up.  I’m saddened by the PC police screaming at me for being me.

I just hope this country wakes up before it’s too late.



We all have that one thing from childhood that brings us back, no matter where we are in our life’s journey.  Mine is pretzels.  Doesn’t matter if they are, big, hot, right off the cart with a chewy outside and soft inside or if they’re bought in a bag at the supermarket, I love them.

My dad is a pretzel guy.  He love them, too.  We almost always had a bag in the house.  Of course, as he’s an alcoholic, pretzels are a favorite “go to” snack of the bar scene.  Anyway, I’ve made homemade pretzels, shared them with my friends, eaten them while snuggled up with my son watching a movie or tv show and I can’t think of a single thing that I couldn’t do and be able to snack on them.  Maybe swimming.  Nah, I could go swimming and still snack on them. LOL!

I’ve dipped them in any number of mustards, mustard dressings and mustard BBQ sauce.  I’ve also dipped them and smothered them in various cheeses.  I’ve even seen them at the grocery store, sold as pretzel buns and had to have them.  Especially if I could have turkey and swiss on it, smothered in a nice, stoneground, spicy mustard.

Why am I talking pretzels?  Well, I’ve been sitting here, snacking on these little pretzel sticks and flashed back to my childhood and all the crazy times we had.  We camped, swam, ran, jumped, biked, hiked, went on boat rides, climbed trees, etc. all while bringing my tasty snack along.  Sometimes when mom would make our lunches, I’d beg for pretzels as my snack instead of a snack cake.  I remember my parents had a “reel to reel” player and some Saturdays we would listen to the music all day long.  We danced, we played, and we’d snack on pretzels.  Then, if we were lucky, dad would grill up some dogs and burgers.

Such nostalgia comes in droves sometimes and I get lost in the memories.  I thought I’d share it with you.  I have a treasure trove of beautiful memories stored up and I’m using them to blot out the hard, painful ones.  The ones that give me nightmares.  The ones that keep me up at night.

Hold onto the good memories.  Toss the bad ones aside with the trash.  It isn’t easy.  I know that better than most.  However; it’s good for us to toss the bad ones out.  Learn from them, maybe; but don’t dwell there.

Pretzels are the bomb for me.  I love them and all their varieties.  I love the memories they bring and the taste that reminds me of simpler times.

2 Years

I almost titled this “Happy Anniversary” but thought that is a stupid thing to say.  This “anniversary” is rather sad than happy.  Yesterday marked 2 years since he passed.  It marked over three years of true health struggles and illness.  It marked the end of pain so deep and killing.  It marked the end of a person who struggled so hard and lost before he could truly live.

I know all his secrets.  I know all his pain.  I know what broke his heart and who those people were.  I felt his pain as deeply as I do my own.

I grieved with him.  I grieved for him.

Post Traumatic Stress is real.  It’s life destroying if you don’t treat it.  It can lead to alcohol or drug abuse. It can lead to suicide, domestic abuse, self harm, food addiction and more.  It’s not easy to live with and a trigger can be anything.

He struggled with alcohol.  He struggled with diabetic neuropathy.  He couldn’t get his pain under control.  His doctor wouldn’t help him.  His liver was destroyed, not by the alcohol alone; but also from his doctor prescribing a 3 month supply of medication in less than two months; because he was an alcoholic, they’d not give him a narcotic.

It doesn’t matter the why anymore.  What matters is that a life so full of pain — child abuse, spousal abuse, trust issues, PTSD and alcohol abuse, all compounded to make this man’s life short.  He died one week before his 47th birthday.

He spent his last 3 months in home hospice where I took care of his every need.  I regret nothing.  I try to only focus on the good times we had in our near decade of knowing each other.  But sometimes, when my depression and PTSD kick in, I remember the hard times and abuse.  It’s not easy.  I try to forget.  I just can’t.

Ah, the mind and its memories.


Confessions of a Drama Queen!

It’s been one week and one day since I became a home owner. The move itself was horrible!!!  Took two days to move and an entire day to clean the old place.  From removing dust and grime to shampooing carpets and mopping floors, I did it all.  The place was so clean you could eat off the floors.  I found two holes in the walls behind beds and a hole in the carpet, from Miss Honi, also under the bed.  UGH!  Told owner to bill me.  By Sunday, I was so sore I couldn’t move and felt like crap.  Spent the day resting in order to begin the unpack at the new place.

So, on the 1st, we had the final walk through.  This resulted in me not being very happy at all.  Grass was not mowed and despite listing the washer and dryer in the sale, the seller took it with him.  I was not a happy gal at all.  I spoke to my mortgage broker at United Veteran’s and she was also fumed at the deception.  Not cool.

By the time I spoke with her, I was cooled down.  I told her I’d decided to pick my battles and this was one not worth the fight.  The only thing I could do was not show for the closing; but seriously, after all that stress and work, I’d be the bigger fool.  Water under the bridge at this point.

Closing went well and took an hour.  My son and four of his friends showed up and packed the truck.  We had 2 loads the first day and 2 the next.  We had to stop twice due to extensive rains, which sucked; but we did it.  Friday evening, we turned in the truck and headed over to watch the marching band’s premier at 7 pm before heading out to the new place.  Saturday was spent cleaning and I finally left at 8 pm.

After a day of rest, my son and I ate brunch with an old friend on Monday and then went off to purchase new beds, a lawn mower and a few odds and ends.  So far, I haven’t been able to get the lawn done yet.  I’ve got the back yard partially mowed so as not to lose the dogs, though and they can’t escape to the front and get hurt, either.  The mower is currently in the kitchen. LOL!!!  Don’t ask.  The living room is nearly complete.  My room has a bed and dresser and boxes, as does my sons and the craft room is completely full of boxes waiting to be unpacked.  UGH!  Slow & steady.

Yesterday we did 7 loads of laundry at the laundromat and it cost me a small fortune, too.  I can’t even remember the last time I went to the laundromat and it cost $3.50 to wash and $0.50 for 10 minutes of dry time.  Took us several hours; but we now have clean towels, clothes and bedding. YEAH!  I’m going to have to wait until next month to get a washer and dryer.

I have some bragging to do, though.  My son and his friends were a great help.  My son showed the most incredible strength and even wowed his friends at the amount of weight he can lift.  He’s stronger than I realized.  With his help, we got the job done.  He has done all that I have asked him to do and more.  I’m so proud of this young man and his devotion to us as a family and doing what is necessary to get us settled into our new home.

He’s had his PS4 for a number of years now and it just went caput.  He’s tried to get it to work and even did a major reset, losing all his games and it’s still not working well.  So, since he was so incredible and hasn’t complained, I went ahead and ordered him a new one, which will arrive Monday.  Can’t wait to surprise him with it. ❤

Got mail for the first time yesterday.  Woot, woot!  I also went and got my nails done.  I was in desperate need.  Broke 3 of them (very painfully) over the last week and I don’t even want to discuss how painful my hands have been.  I actually had to take my tramadol the first 3 nights the pain was so bad.  I just couldn’t sleep without some kind of pain relief and Tylenol wasn’t doing it.  Besides the pain aspect (which is a never ending thing with me) the move wasn’t so bad.  It could have been worse; so I am grateful.

I think it was harder on the dogs than on us.  They were really distressed over all the commotion and turmoil.  They seem to be settling in now, especially since we have brought their stuff over and made them a place for it all.

I’m no where near finished with this place; but I am chugging along.

Moving Time

Well, it’s happening in two days!!!  First a 9 am closing and then packing a truck and moving our stuff to the new place.  It has been a grueling month of packing, donating and removing trash; but it’s down to the wire now.  I get the truck tomorrow evening and we’re going to load up some of what we have; but the majority will be done on Thursday.  I can’t believe it’s here!

We’re nearly finished with packing the kitchen, our last room to do and we ran out of boxes, so I’ll be heading out for more shortly to get the job done.  BTW, I feel like crap, too.  Pain levels high the last week and let’s not even get into the fact that I want to cut my head off as well.  UGH!

My son is currently packing up his room.  At least he’s helped me with the kitchen.  We haven’t done food; but I’m thinking we will pack them in my recyclable grocery bags.  I’m so grateful for the kids who have volunteered to assist us in moving everything.  They’re awesome.

I’m renting a 20 ft truck.  I’m hoping it will all fit in one trip; but you never can tell.  We don’t have a lot of furniture, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m going to buy the kids pizza afterwards and the next day we have to wait around all morning for the installers of cable and internet.  I guess I’ll use that time to unpack things. 😀

Friday afternoon we’re going to come back to the other house and clean it up.  I need to clean carpets and floors.  Shouldn’t take that long, I hope.  We’re also going to be going to the HS band parent premiere, where the marching band will show off their skills from their time at camp these past two weeks.  Can’t hardly wait to cheer on our friends.

We’ve decided to empty my bedroom/bathroom/closet into the living room so we can shut the dogs up in their so they’ll be safe while we’re in and out of the house on Thursday and will not be hot.  I hate to do it; but it’s for their safety.  I love them too much to see them hurt by getting out or being in the heat.

My realtor called me today and the seller will be moving his junk out tomorrow and we’ve pushed back the final walk through until 3 pm tomorrow.  From there, we’ll go to the rental place for the truck.

I’m doing the last of the laundry today and I’m so ready to get this over with.  Once we’re at the new place, I can take my time in unpacking and arranging everything.  <sigh>  So much work.  Hopefully, this will be my last time moving.  I don’t want to have to do this again.

The arthritis in my hands has been murder lately.  I’ve made my first blanket for the summer camp for next year.  The four I sent were received with gratitude.  I hope I can make more; but I’m ensuring that I make at least four of them — 2 girl, 2 boy — so that when I’m crocheting, it’s for a good cause.  Makes my heart happy.  As I was putting it together, I was praying for the child who will receive it. No child should have to fight to live.  No child should have to suffer.  However; because it is what life is, I pray for them.

Well, my son is ready to head out for dinner and more boxes, so I’m outta here!

11 Days!

In only 11 days, I’ll be a homeowner again.  YIKES!!!! I can hardly believe I started this journey a little over a month ago.  I never wanted to buy another house.  I was holding onto the hurt and heartache of losing my last house and it was a big block for me.  However; I feel that God has led me to do this and He has placed everything just right for us to get this house; price, insurance, inspections, mortgage, etc.  It’s been great.

I can hardly believe it’s nearly moving day.  I’m working my butt off packing this place up.  I’m downsizing and have the Salvation Army coming on Tuesday for donations.

My little Honi keeps getting up in my lap for snuggles and when she does, I tell her about the new back yard she’s going to love running and playing in.  She just smiles and snuggles, not understanding a thing I say; but I enjoy telling her just the same.  She’s such a sweetheart.  Teddy will love it, too, no doubt, especially when I start working in the yard to make it beautiful.

My son is with my parents for the next few days.  His 2 cousins are spending a week with them and he’s going to do something with them tomorrow and the next day.  I actually told them today that I was buying the house.  I just had to be sure everything was going well before letting the cat out of the bag.

When I dropped my son off with them, I found the cutest little dress for my niece out in Vegas.  It was perfect for her and I found matching headbands, too.  Can’t wait for her momma to send me pics of her in it.  It’s so darling.   Earlier in the month, it was her big brother’s birthday and he’s recently gotten into super heroes and since he loves stories, I got him two books that are 5 minute short stories about various heroes.  He loved them.  They were his favorite gifts.  😀 Made my day!

I have boxes everywhere and it feels like packing is going to be never ending.  To say I can’t wait to get moved is an understatement.  It’s slow going for me, though.  If I do too much, I get my butt kicked by Lupus.  UGH!  So, I work, take a break, work a bit more and then repeat.  It will be worth it, though.  YEAH!

I’ve been following a girl’s blog who is currently in Africa.  She’s the girlfriend of one of my son’s friends.  He’s one of the ones who calls me Mom.  ❤  She’s studying to pursue a career in medicine and working summers in a clinic over there.  I’m so proud of her and all she’s accomplished this summer.

Well, back to packing it all up.

Saying Goodbye.


Yesterday was a hard day.  We said goodbye to our beloved corgi after 13 years of love and craziness.

Over the last year, he’s had bladder control issues.  Poor baby.  No pain.  No suffering, just succumbing to old age.

Over the last month, he’s slowed down, slept more than awake and was having trouble getting up due to his back legs slipping out from beneath him.

In the craziness of finding another place to live, we thought he’d be with us for a while longer.  Three days ago, he stopped eating, then just went to sleep Saturday evening and never woke up.

Tippy was a gift from a friend we knew who begged my son’s father to let him have the puppy.  He was a tiny, little puppy and we were told he was a “Jack Russell”.  The funny thing is, his ears gave him away.  Our vet took one look at him and informed us that he was most definitely was not; but a Welsh Cardigan Corgi.  (He has a tail)

My son, a 5 year old who had wanted his own puppy and not share his mom’s 3 poms, delighted in the fact that we had gotten him his own dog.  As time went on, the two became thick as thieves.  The love they shared was beautiful.   They slept together up until a few years ago when Tippy began having trouble getting up into the bed, so he then slept under the bed.

Tippy was smart.  He liked to make you think he was dumb; but he wasn’t.  He’d watch closely all we’d do and then figure out ways to get himself into trouble with his new found knowledge.  He was a master escape artist when the mood hit him.  A major beggar when he really wanted something and patient with the little dogs.

When we first brought him home, my female pom took him under her wing.  She showed him the ropes, treated him like her own pup and nurtured him into believing he was a tiny Pomeranian lapdog, just like the other 3.  At around 30lbs, he was not easy on the lap; but definitely well loved.  She was the ultimate mommy to all the pups and loved them all.  She even treated my son like her own when he was a baby and loved to play with him, so Tippy was just another pup for her to raise.

As a matter of fact, Tippy loved her so much, that when she slowed down and finally passed in 2007, he stayed right by her side until the end.  It was sweet and a treasured memory for sure.

Time has been short; but full of love.  The 13 years we had him was not long enough; but it was full of love.  He had a good life with us.  He will be missed.

The hardest part for us was the burial.  My son had to do it on his own.  I’m not strong enough.  I tried to help; but due to my illness, I was useless.  Our little girl offered us both comfort when we were crying.  She heard my son in the bathroom last night and wouldn’t leave until he came out and she could love on him.  She’s amazing.  My pommy boy went to Tippy before we wrapped him up and licked him goodbye.  He’s known Tippy his entire life and they were fast friends.

I’m not sure how or if they’ll mourn like we do; but I know that we’ll all do it together and we’ll all get through it one day at a time.

Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, Tippy.

No Place Like Home

After renting our current home for the last 7 years, it’s time to move on.  With my income being reduced and our rent being increased, we were kind of forced to make a change.  We began hunting for a new rental with a lower rent that accepts doggies.  No luck.

I began thinking about looking into buying a house. I contacted a Veteran’s Mortgage Broker and got preapproved for a mortgage and began my journey back to buy a house in May.  They recommended a Veteran realty specialist in my area who knew the ins and outs of acceptable residence for VA approval.  My son and I found many great places; but one by one, they showed to be “unworthy” for one reason or another.

Amid this chaos, I was also seeing an ENT and an ear neurologist to help with my ear infection and increased balance issues.  As of yesterday, I’m continuing this journey without answers.

Today, I received notice that once the insurance quote and written appraisal report comes in that the underwriter will take the file on for approval of my mortgage.  I’ve already received preapproval for it all from the underwriter, so we’re set and progressing toward our August 2nd closing date.

YES!  We found a house!  YEAH!

It’s half the size of our current place, with a nice back yard for the pups.  It’s an older home; but passed inspection with ease due to the owner’s complete restoration of the home over the last year.  It will be the same distance to the college my son is attending as our current location, without the toll he’d have to pay each day at present.  Another plus!  The home is 3 bedrooms and one bathroom; but with our schedules, that isn’t going to be a problem.

I am half way to having the house packed up.  It’s hard to do more than a few hours at a time for me; but I’m getting there.  I have time.  I have 1/2 a garage full of donated items for the Salvation Army that I’ll schedule for pick up on the 26th of the month.  I’m excited for this new adventure.

I’m having the property deeded in both our names so if anything happens to me, my son won’t have to pay inheritance tax on the property.

I’ve sketched out plans for the yard, to include an area for a firepit and plants around the front and back.  These are plans that I’ll implement over time so I have things to do around the house to keep me busy.  No need to rush anything, just busy work.

Next week, my son is going to drive out to get my niece and nephew with my father.  My father is excited about the road trip and even my son is looking forward to their time together.  I’m so proud of my son.  He’s gotten his driver’s license and has even had his first solo adventure with the car.

Last weekend, we went to DCI in Orlando.  We saw my son’s HS band director there with his wife.  We hung out with them while waiting during a lightning delay (two 30 min. periods).  His wife and I will be getting together next week for lunch when things are less busy for both of us.   I love these two so much.  Such great people. ❤

DCI was great.  So fun to watch these wonderful musicians play their routines and compete against themselves for greater performance of their craft.  My son loves the Blue Coats.  Me, I love the Cadets out of PA.  They have such beautiful shows.  I especially loved the one they did last season most of all.  They always incorporate singing in their shows and I just love their choir.

God has so blessed my son and me.  He’s lead me to a great house.  He’s helped me through this daunting process.  He’s held me together on the days I’ve wanted to just fall apart.  My life has been a series of ups and downs.  My life has been in turmoil more than peace.  It’s made me a much stronger woman and I am grateful to God that He has made me this way.  He is so beautiful and so rewarding and so very loved by me.  I can not imagine making this journey without Him.

I dedicate my life to serving Him in all I do.  I bring glory to His name by sharing my testimony with others on His faithfulness.  He is my everything.  With Him, I rise above.  Without Him, I fall and can’t get up.  I am not perfect.  I fail Him daily; but I know that each new day brings new grace, new strength, new abilities and renewed love from Him.  Nothing can change that and nothing will make me doubt Him.

Our corgi is dying.  He’s not eating, just drinking.  He’s having trouble walking and sleeping more and more.  I’ve seen the signs before and want him to go peacefully, here with us.  We have discussed this at great lengths and we both agree that unless he begins to cry out in pain and suffering, he’ll stay here with us, until the end.  We both love him so much and want what is best for him.  He will be missed so very much.

Until we meet again…..