Not My America

Day after day, night after  night, we see it on television, hear it on the news and can find it within the social media feeds that are inundating our lives.  I’m talking about the intolerance of the American people for the difference of opinion.  Don’t start taking offense right away.  I’m talking about the ones who are screaming and yelling for acceptance; but are not willing to be accepting themselves.

We have elected officials who scream and receive positive media on their anti-American troupes.  We have elected officials who are campaigning to end our over 200 years of American ideals.  We are letting 1% of the American people to dictate what is right or wrong in America instead of listening to the common sense that is reality.

Women are not men.  Men are not women.  Men are stronger and faster by nature and shouldn’t be competing in women’s sports.  We see this in the military all the time.  Even those who get surgery to change who they are still have the genetic make up of their original sex.  Just because a man becomes a woman, he doesn’t start going to a GYN for health care; because he is still genetically a man and our genetic make up is different, even in the way we experience a heart attack.

We have an immigration problem.  We are flooding this country with illegal immigrants who are criminals, drug traffickers, killers, etc. It is a shame.  I’m not racist in any way, shape or form.  You can call me names; but then you are part of the problem.  My good friend, Alynne, is a LEGAL Cuban immigrant who agrees; because she came in the right way over 25 years ago and took the tests to become a citizen.  Being here illegally is wrong.  My grandparents did it the right way and so did my great grandparents.  They came through Ellis Island and became citizens.

Abortion is murder.  I used to be pro-choice.  As a woman who could not have a baby and had two miscarriages before finally having a baby, I can’t imagine murdering my child.  We create life.  Life is precious.  I can’t end someone else’s tiny, innocent life.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a warrior and will kill for those I love; but I can’t imagine killing a child.

Even the media is on board with the crazy that has captured the country.  I pray for this country.  I pray for her people.  I can’t believe the chaos that is now pushing forward as acceptable.

Wear a MAGA hat, get attacked.  You are the problem, called names, exploited, doxed, etc. and no one cares.  However; if you attack them in the same way, you prove their point.  We are wrong either way.

IMO, because we have lost our way and denounced God; we’ve lost our moral fabric as a country.  We allow immigrants to come here and they don’t assimilate. We’ve allowed them to bring their cultures here and force the American people to accept their culture; but if we tell them to assimilate we’re racists.  Something is wrong.  Why come here if you just want to live your culture?  Can’t you stay where you are and be culturally accepted?  When we allow the violent, rage filled, screams of the 1% to dictate the rules, we lose.

I respect people.  I love people.  I don’t go around calling others who are different names.  It’s not my thing.  I’m not looking for a fight.  I want to wear whatever I want without fear of being attacked in public.  I want to be accepted for who I am.  I want my freedom of religion, speech, choice; to be free.

And, honestly, I’m sure this post will receive a lot of negative comments and name calling; but it’s to be expected.  I’m not mainstream.  I’m not agreeing with those who cause harm, hurt and restriction of freedom, so my rights to share my thoughts and opinions are not allowed.

This country is quickly losing her status as a superpower.  We look foolish around the world.  We’re a joke.  Instead of uniting, we’re imploding.  We need to wake up before we end up like other failed countries.  If the Socialist Democrats have their way, we’ll have the worst health care, no money, no food and be forced to support the fat cats in Washington more than we already do.

Wake up, people, before we lose our precious freedom.




IWD — History

I’m all for celebrating the women who have paved the way to the freedoms and liberty I have today as a woman.  In fact, when I first came out of the USMC and became a member of the American Legion, I organized local (5 counties) women veteran’s to come together for change in the VA system and to register them for the Women In Military Service for America (WIMSA) memorial in Washington, D.C.   I met women who were nurses in the Army and Navy during WWII.  I met a WWII Marine who was an expert in mechanics.  I met Korean war and Vietnam women vets and even some who fought for Iraqi Freedom.

As a matter of fact, I helped organize these women to go to the dedication of WIMSA when it was opened in October 1997.  It was a great 4 day weekend that we all came together for a common celebration.

What bothers me about IWD today is that we’re celebrating women in a time when women think that lying, cheating and scamming, as well as celebrating an anti-Semite congress woman, a socialist congress woman and a racist congress woman, is acceptable behavior.  Since when is it okay to celebrate evil?   I’m disgusted that these women, along with the METOO movement are abusing our hard won freedom by mucking it up and making women out to be batshit crazy!

I’m sorry if this offends anyone; but everyday, more and more crap is surfacing that is proving that women can’t be trusted.

Look, I’m an extremely tolerant woman.  I’m accepting of all people until they betray me.  I give the benefit of the doubt to all until I am proven the fool.  Believe me, I’m usually the one standing by looking stupid for having foolishly trusted someone for so long.

However, I am seeing more and more celebration of what is morally wrong.  You are responsible for what you do and say.  They have consequences.  The fact that Nancy Pelosi is so afraid of the 3 new Congress women is disgusting.  What they are doing is promoting hatred, separation and unrest in this country.  I’ve never seen a country so divided.  You can’t be a conservative/republican in this country without fear of some looney attacking you.  When did our freedoms get taken away from us?

If we continue down this road, we’ll be no better than the Soviet Union in the 80’s or what Venezuela is right now.

Medicare for all —  I have cancer.  I need to see a specialist.  The wait for seeing said specialist is months long.  My cancer advances quickly.  I am dead before my appointment.

I’m sick.  I go to the hospital; but the wait is days long and they haven’t any beds.  Things like appendicitis leads to death. 

People don’t go to school to become doctors anymore.

Food — When the government steps in and takes control of your business, they tell you when, where and how to run it.  You harvest your food, send it on trucks to central locations and it rots before it can be given to people to eat.  Food lines become longer and food becomes scarce. 

I could go on; but we’ve seen this before and if America doesn’t wise up, we’ll see it in full color take on our country.

I celebrate the women who take a stand for what is right.  The one that lends a hand to another woman in need.  The one who sees a friend struggle and leans in to help.  I’m for the ones who lift each other up, not the ones who step on my hands as they climb over me to take the higher step on the ladder.  I’m also for the women who work hand in hand with the men of this world to make things better for us all.

I am not better than a man. God made us both and made us equals. I’m so tired of seeing the male bashing, mud slinging hatred that is running rampant in this country.

Only God can save us now.

Murder in America

I’m sorry if you don’t like what I have to say; but as always, in the land of the free, I am entitled to my opinion.

Abortion is murder.  What a few states have just signed into law is beyond murder, it’s an abomination.  The fact that they will allow a doctor, midwife or nurse kill a baby that is born alive is a horrible person.  I’m outraged.  The next thing we know they’ll allow parents to murder their children.

I cried when I saw NY, my home state, as the leader in this horrible new abortion law.  I keep crying as each additional state adds it’s murder law to the books.

What is wrong with people these days?  Are we so screwed up that if one side of the aisle is against it, the other side needs to embrace it?  Between that and the New Green Deal or the anti-sematic rhetoric, this country is quickly turning into a garbage dump.  This is not the America I grew up in, the I fought to defend, that I’d give my life for.  I can only put my faith in God that we can turn this country around and make it the wonderful place I grew up in.

You can’t let your kids sell things door to door; because you don’t know who you neighbor truly is anymore.  You can’t trust teachers, coaches or babysitters anymore.  This whole world is screwed up and we better fix ourselves before they completely take away all of our freedoms and rights.

WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!  The next thing you know, we’ll be in a communist state and standing in bread lines or worse, have nothing to eat at all.  I don’t care if you’re left, right or middle, you have a responsibility to keep yourself and others safe.  You wouldn’t feed your family poison, so why are you listening to people who have only their own interests in mind.  The government doesn’t care about you!  Each of these elected officials have only their greed and own agendas.

This is our country, we need to take it back.

Mind of a Mad Woman

Ah, the title of my blog and vlog.  I’m sure you wonder why?  Well, back in the mid 90’s I came up with the name and used to for the title of my poetry notebook.  At the time I started it, my life was out of control.  I had just been put on the Temporary Disabled Retired List (TDLR) and had moved back home from S.C. to N.Y.   My USMC days were over and my new “life” as a disabled veteran became a reality.  It was a time of chaos.  I was registering for medical care with the VAMC and filing a claim for service related disability.  My take home pay was $346 a month and I felt defeated, lost in bureaucracy, just another number in a broken system that had no idea how to treat women since women generally didn’t use the system for care.

It was sheer madness.  My mind was shattered in a million pieces and I didn’t know which way was up.  I felt defeated, half a woman and had no idea how to fix it.  I’d been let go from several jobs; because of my medical condition.  I didn’t blame them at all.  I was a mess and I knew it.  I was fortunate, though, because my family welcomed me home and stood by me when I couldn’t even stand up.

I have to say, it was probably the hardest time in my life due to the intense chaos and uncertainty of where I was going and what I could do.

Anyway, the title, “Mind of a Mad Woman” just seems to sum up my life.  Things are better than they were when life was so uncertain; but my mind is full of unending madness and I’m not ashamed of it or who I am.

Anyway, I’ve been working on my vlog and it’s got several videos.  I’ve got videos about my mom, dad, sisters, life and an 8 part series about being married to a psychopath.  I’m now working on a video about what a psychopath is and how I came to the conclusion that my ex was one.  Though these videos are not full of all the details and incidents, they do highlight the more gruesome ones.  I gloss over the things he did to our son; for his privacy.  I make references to the abuse; but don’t go into great detail.  I respect my son too much to cause him any stress.  That’s his story to tell.

Speaking of his story, he just had me proof read his essay last month in which he shares his experience.  He always has me proof read his papers and I was a bit surprised at the content; but really proud of him for being able to share it.  I’d always heard that you know you’re cured of the trauma when you can tell your story without crying.  I guess we’ve both reach this point in our lives. 😀

God has been very good to us.  He’s helped us heal, led us to places to get help, brought us to our home church and more.  We are both very blessed and I can only imagine when He’ll take us next.

In researching vlogging, I watch a few that I like for the variety of content.  I like Jon Carlin, Vlog After College and Zach Hing a lot.  Of course, I also watch Super Carlin Brothers, Topi the Corgi, Shawn’s Secrets and Harry Potter Folklore for entertainment.  I do like several others and do watch other; but these are the ones that I watch the most.  I also love to watch Ben Shapiro.  Please, no hate, he’s just interesting and I like him.

I have to say that I am nervous about being so public with my life.  After the ex and I split, his friends assaulted me on social media and created so much hell for me; because I “deserved” all that I got.  They shared his lies, taunted and stalked me.  I had to put my life in “private” mode or suffer the wrath of the people who knew nothing about our lives behind closed doors except what he told them. When he died in 2016, I was again harassed by his friends, sent horrible emails, accused again of being the bad guy and liar.  I can only hope that these people will not discover my vlog and begin the harassment again.

I’m strong enough to handle it, I just don’t want my son to be affected by the jackals in this life.

Crazy week!

Monday, I had to have a tooth extracted.  The site of the extraction isn’t bothering me at all, except the stitch, which is scraping my cheek and annoying.  My jaw and facial nerves, however, are out of control!!!  Not even where the tooth was; but the front, across my cheeks.  UGH!  My jaw is very sore when opening and closing and the fact that it’s hard to do anything (talking, chewing, etc). So annoying.

My son took me into the dentist and made sure that I’ve had everything I needed while recovering.  He knows I’m having a bad time of it and is being a sweetie pie.  He also pointed out the bruise on my face that I didn’t notice until he did. LOL!  The fact that it is nowhere near the extraction site is puzzling.  Anyway, he’s getting points for being such a good kid in my book.

His 2nd Semester schedule is much busier than his first.  It’s much fuller and longer hours.  I’m here at the house by myself for most of Monday to Thursday.  Well, at least I have things that keep me busy.

So, before we had the dental appointment, we had to give Honi a bath.  I think a dog came to the fence and peed on her.  She was covered in a smelly mess from head to tail and was soaked.  At first I thought she’d rolled in poop; but when we got her in the sink, it was all just wetness and not substance.  Anyway, she was really good in the bath and once she dried I brushed her out.  She had some mats; but after I sprinkled her with corn starch, they brushed right out.  She’s a good one, for sure.

I’ve been watching a lot of VlogAfterCollege on YouTube.  He’s a guy named Ryen who owns a corgi (Pembroke welsh) who looks a lot like our Tippy did.  So cute.  Biggest difference is that ours was the Cardigan and he had a tail.  Anyway, they’re pretty entertaining.

For the first time in over 20 years, I decided to stop going to the nail salon.  It was my monthly “me”; but after not finding anyone like the gal who’s done it for the last 9 years, it’s been a pain.  The last six months we’ve been here, I’ve tried a couple places and have been sorely disappointed.  As a matter of fact, I’ve not had them start lifting and popping off at the 3 week mark before and by the time it hit a month, they’re all off.  So, I am taking a break.  UGH!  They look terrible. 😦

I’ve already made and published a number of videos on my own YouTube channel and will be doing several more this coming week.

The Lord came to me and told me to tell my story.  I’ve been doing it on this blog; but I do believe that He wanted more, so I’m sharing it all on video, too.  Maybe they’ll help someone.  I can only hope.

Have a great rest of the week!

New Year, New You!

As always, every New Year brings with it a new set of “resolutions” that we’re going to make to get in shape, budget, exercise, go to church more, or whatever you feel the need to change or improve.  Every year, within the first two weeks, old habits return and old desires become the normal, again.

At the beginning of this month, I started drinking “Keto Coffee” a brand of the ItWorks products that help a person to lose weight.  I’m not a coffee drinker. My go to beverage is water.  However, I gave the coffee a try and it’s not bad.  I’m beginning to use it more frequently and I’m hoping to see results soon.  I’m so not a scale person; but I will try and track my progress.

Because of my fluctuating A1C level, which is the only part of my blood tests that seem to be out of sync, I desperately need to get a handle on it and keep my weight down in order to keep the A1C at a normal level.  UGH!  So, I’m trying it all.

If you have an interest in trying this product and some others, check out the link HERE.

ItWorks has several products for weight loss, skin care, and immunity among others things.

Personally, I’m taking my health into my own hands; because no one else will.  If we don’t care for us, we lose.  I know with the healthcare industry and insurance industry so topsy turvy it’s a wonder we can even get in to see a doctor; because of the cost and all.  It’s a shame; but in this country, health care is not a priority; but a business.  This is why I’m trying to get my health a bit better.

There are somethings I will never be able to “fix” like my trigeminal neuralgia or my TMJ; but other things will depend on my changing my diet and lowering my weight.

With the new year less than a week away, I’m getting my life and health on track.  I hope you will, too.

Happy New Year!!!

TN, A Journey of Pain


I know I’ve written about my pain before and probably mentioned that I have Trigeminal Neuralgia.  The past two months, I’ve been suffering terribly from the pain and the increased vertigo and nausea.  It’s been a horrible time and I’ve accomplished little in the way of activity.

My journey began September 25, 1992 when a “routine” tooth extraction turned into a nightmare that has lasted 26 years so far.  24/7/365 Needless to say, it sucks.  It depends on the day if I can handle it or not.  Most days on the pain scale I am between 5 and 7.  The past two months, it’s been between 7 and 15 or more, to the point that I am incapable of doing anything more than breathing.

As a matter of fact, I was at church last night and the pain was at about a 5 when I got there and quickly escalated into an 8 by the time I left and when I got home, it took all I could manage to get out of the car and into bed.

Because my TN and vertigo have been escalating in the last few years, I decided to reopen my VA case and add the increased vertigo and having them add the TN to my disability rating.  Since I have a 70% rating with 100% unemployability, I never thought to add the TN; because I don’t get a pay increase. However, since the diagnosis came after the 1995 above rating, I really feel that I need to add it now, in case my son should need to have it in my records and noted as part of the disability.

In 1996, I was sent to Yale Pain Management in New Haven, CT; where I was diagnosed and received treatment from them until January 1998.  Of course, over the last 26 years, all treatments have failed.  I’ve endured medications that have caused weight gain, allergic reactions and no relief.  I’ve had acupuncture and nerve blocks.  I’ve gone to pain management a number of times.  I’ve learned Bio Feedback and self hypnosis.  All, to no avail.  I’m allergic to most narcotics used to help with pain (morphine, codeine, Demerol, Ibuprofen, etc.)  I’ve taken medications for TN as well as those used for epilepsy.

The last time I went to a Neurosurgeon in Orlando who specialized in Gama Knife surgery, I had a 3D MRI in Tampa before he presented my case to their weekly brainstorm sessions to help those with various nerve diseases; only to find out that they, too, recommended pain management as course of action.

Those who don’t know about TN, do not realize that everyday activities like brushing your hair, your teeth, touching your face, smiling, talking, frowning, washing your face, and a myriad of other everyday things can cause multiple variations of pain.  Stabbing, shocking, burning, pulsing, numbing, crawling and so much more.  UGH!  Oh and don’t get me started on eating and drinking!!!!

So, at present, it is suffer with it. Anyway, I hate to complain.  As a matter of fact, most people I know don’t even know that I have this.  I have to laugh; because I was talking about it with a friend when another friend over heard me and said, “I’ve known you for 9 years now and I had no idea.  You never complain.”  I guess I save it for the vlog, where I’m more or less anonymous and people can read it or skip it. 😀

Now, back to baking Christmas cookies!  I’ve volunteered to bake some for a friend who is a director at an area men’s rehab/shelter.  What a blessing that he can minister to those in need.  So happy to watch his ministry at work.  😀

Happy Holidays!

2 Years

I almost titled this “Happy Anniversary” but thought that is a stupid thing to say.  This “anniversary” is rather sad than happy.  Yesterday marked 2 years since he passed.  It marked over three years of true health struggles and illness.  It marked the end of pain so deep and killing.  It marked the end of a person who struggled so hard and lost before he could truly live.

I know all his secrets.  I know all his pain.  I know what broke his heart and who those people were.  I felt his pain as deeply as I do my own.

I grieved with him.  I grieved for him.

Post Traumatic Stress is real.  It’s life destroying if you don’t treat it.  It can lead to alcohol or drug abuse. It can lead to suicide, domestic abuse, self harm, food addiction and more.  It’s not easy to live with and a trigger can be anything.

He struggled with alcohol.  He struggled with diabetic neuropathy.  He couldn’t get his pain under control.  His doctor wouldn’t help him.  His liver was destroyed, not by the alcohol alone; but also from his doctor prescribing a 3 month supply of medication in less than two months; because he was an alcoholic, they’d not give him a narcotic.

It doesn’t matter the why anymore.  What matters is that a life so full of pain — child abuse, spousal abuse, trust issues, PTSD and alcohol abuse, all compounded to make this man’s life short.  He died one week before his 47th birthday.

He spent his last 3 months in home hospice where I took care of his every need.  I regret nothing.  I try to only focus on the good times we had in our near decade of knowing each other.  But sometimes, when my depression and PTSD kick in, I remember the hard times and abuse.  It’s not easy.  I try to forget.  I just can’t.

Ah, the mind and its memories.


Confessions of a Drama Queen!

It’s been one week and one day since I became a home owner. The move itself was horrible!!!  Took two days to move and an entire day to clean the old place.  From removing dust and grime to shampooing carpets and mopping floors, I did it all.  The place was so clean you could eat off the floors.  I found two holes in the walls behind beds and a hole in the carpet, from Miss Honi, also under the bed.  UGH!  Told owner to bill me.  By Sunday, I was so sore I couldn’t move and felt like crap.  Spent the day resting in order to begin the unpack at the new place.

So, on the 1st, we had the final walk through.  This resulted in me not being very happy at all.  Grass was not mowed and despite listing the washer and dryer in the sale, the seller took it with him.  I was not a happy gal at all.  I spoke to my mortgage broker at United Veteran’s and she was also fumed at the deception.  Not cool.

By the time I spoke with her, I was cooled down.  I told her I’d decided to pick my battles and this was one not worth the fight.  The only thing I could do was not show for the closing; but seriously, after all that stress and work, I’d be the bigger fool.  Water under the bridge at this point.

Closing went well and took an hour.  My son and four of his friends showed up and packed the truck.  We had 2 loads the first day and 2 the next.  We had to stop twice due to extensive rains, which sucked; but we did it.  Friday evening, we turned in the truck and headed over to watch the marching band’s premier at 7 pm before heading out to the new place.  Saturday was spent cleaning and I finally left at 8 pm.

After a day of rest, my son and I ate brunch with an old friend on Monday and then went off to purchase new beds, a lawn mower and a few odds and ends.  So far, I haven’t been able to get the lawn done yet.  I’ve got the back yard partially mowed so as not to lose the dogs, though and they can’t escape to the front and get hurt, either.  The mower is currently in the kitchen. LOL!!!  Don’t ask.  The living room is nearly complete.  My room has a bed and dresser and boxes, as does my sons and the craft room is completely full of boxes waiting to be unpacked.  UGH!  Slow & steady.

Yesterday we did 7 loads of laundry at the laundromat and it cost me a small fortune, too.  I can’t even remember the last time I went to the laundromat and it cost $3.50 to wash and $0.50 for 10 minutes of dry time.  Took us several hours; but we now have clean towels, clothes and bedding. YEAH!  I’m going to have to wait until next month to get a washer and dryer.

I have some bragging to do, though.  My son and his friends were a great help.  My son showed the most incredible strength and even wowed his friends at the amount of weight he can lift.  He’s stronger than I realized.  With his help, we got the job done.  He has done all that I have asked him to do and more.  I’m so proud of this young man and his devotion to us as a family and doing what is necessary to get us settled into our new home.

He’s had his PS4 for a number of years now and it just went caput.  He’s tried to get it to work and even did a major reset, losing all his games and it’s still not working well.  So, since he was so incredible and hasn’t complained, I went ahead and ordered him a new one, which will arrive Monday.  Can’t wait to surprise him with it. ❤

Got mail for the first time yesterday.  Woot, woot!  I also went and got my nails done.  I was in desperate need.  Broke 3 of them (very painfully) over the last week and I don’t even want to discuss how painful my hands have been.  I actually had to take my tramadol the first 3 nights the pain was so bad.  I just couldn’t sleep without some kind of pain relief and Tylenol wasn’t doing it.  Besides the pain aspect (which is a never ending thing with me) the move wasn’t so bad.  It could have been worse; so I am grateful.

I think it was harder on the dogs than on us.  They were really distressed over all the commotion and turmoil.  They seem to be settling in now, especially since we have brought their stuff over and made them a place for it all.

I’m no where near finished with this place; but I am chugging along.

Thank You for Your Service

So, I’m watching the movie, “Thank You for Your Service”, a movie about what happens when a soldier comes home from war.  It deals with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, and the VA health care system.

I remember when I was first discharge from the Marines when I was a young woman and first went to the VA hospital closest to my home in NY.  I filled out paperwork, enrolled in the system and filed a claim.

I was treated like shit.  From the first doctor on.  I was in massive pain, I waited hours to be seen by a doctor.  I had tears streaming down my cheeks as I waited to be called in.  I couldn’t take the pain.  I was miserable.  I was hurting.  I saw the doctor, who gave me nothing; but a referral to Psych.  I went to the VA Psych hospital and was taken to a room where I was patted down by two male security guards, who only used the metal detective wand on the males and was treated to a groping.  I then saw the doctor, who made the situation worse and I left there feeling 10x’s worse and assaulted.

The movie tells the characters that it will take up to 12 weeks for the claim to go through; but realistically, it’s more like 6-9 months.  For me, it took 2 years.  I filed in October 1994 and received benefits in October 1996.

The problem is and always will be that the system is broken and now that we have even more service men and women filing everyday, it’s like putting twenty pound bag of sugar on a scale that only measure up to a pound.  It’s going to break and the sad thing is these men and women NEED the help, desperately.

I hurt so much for them.  I feel their pain.  I dream their nightmares.  I struggle, still, with a system that doesn’t give a fuck about it’s patience or those that serve this country after they leave service.

I was last seen by a doctor at the VA clinic September 2016, right after losing my best friend.  You are supposed to be seen at least once a year or you are unenrolled.  My prescriptions are renewed with just an email and when I tried, several times, to get an appointment, I’ve been given the run around.  I’d love to ask them, “Who do I have to kill in order to get an appointment?”, but I don’t want to get arrested or something.  SMH

As the movie ends, they tell you that the real men, whom the story is about, did finally get help.  It’s good to hear.  It’s nice to know that they are still out there and not part of the suicide statistic that is so high in the veteran community.

Everyone has a story to tell about their VA experience.  My father goes to the one in Miami.  He loves it.  His claim was quick and he’s treated like a king there.  Of course, it is veteran run.  People who know what the military is like and how to treat their fellow veterans.  I’m happy for him.  Wouldn’t it be great if the whole system was so much better?

I remember a few years ago hearing about how one VA facility had a makeover of it’s waiting areas and how it was so needed and they asked on veteran what he thought and they were not prepared for his answer, that’s for sure.  It would have been a better use of money had they revamped care and not where we have to wait for care.  That money would have helped more people on the medical side of things, don’t you think?  Yeah, they didn’t like it at all.  I had the same feeling they did.

Shortly after my friend died, I was having a conversation with a long time friend who had the opportunity to meet with President Trump on his campaign trail, before he was president.  Trump had asked those in attendance about VA health care and my friend told him what I had spent the last year dealing with at the local clinic and how my best friend had died because of their lax medical practices and his aid took notes on it.  I hope that it will help other veterans in the future.