Freedom of Silence

I just watched a movie called, “Freedom of Silence” which is about the year 2030 and how it is illegal to be a Christian in the United States. How our government enacted laws to make it illegal to worship God freely. The very principals upon which this great nation was built were flushed down the toilet because of intolerance.

This movie, though not factual, could very well be on the horizon. This country is in danger of losing the very values and freedoms we so cherish. It is time we wake up, people and see what is going on right in front of our noses.

Our president is making a mockery of our religious values by disregarding the “National Day of Prayer” and instead, having Muslim ceremonies instead. How he is turning his back on the Constitution over and over again only to try and enact and force laws on us that he and his constitutes are “exempt” from following.

Gas prices have steadily risen since he went into office, leaving many people barely making ends meet. The rising cost of gas has the cost of food elevated and the sad fact is, we’re heading to another depression if we’re not careful. I truly believe this man is trying to bankrupt and ruin this country.

My prayers are for this country to band together and remove the gangrenous limb that is poisoning us and for us to heal. God has always blessed this country and I do so hope that He will continue to do so for a long time. However, with the current state of things, I do not see us recovering soon enough.

Take, for example, a recent article about the state of the Welfare System. A recent article mentioned that recipients of food stamps were spending too much of their stipend on soda, cookies, cakes and other junk foods. In my opinion, those who receive food stamps should not be permitted to purchase such things; but to purchase healthy foods. This is just an opinion. I shared this opinion on social media, only to be blasted by a food stamp recipient about how she is entitled to these vices and how she can’t last an entire month on her lowly $189 stipend, in which she also purchases cookies and sodas. WOW! Interesting. I spend around $400 a month on food for 3 people. I do not buy crap. I buy vegetables, fruits, meat and grains. I make good meals for my family. I stretch the money, use coupons and shop deals. I’ve learned to be frugal out of necessity. I wanted to eat healthy, so after dumping the processed crap out of our diets, I’ve found that you CAN eat on a budget and be healthy without going broke. YEAH!

This person, for whatever reason, is receiving a stipend to assist with her food budget and insists that she can’t get enough to eat without eating crap. I remember when I first left the USMC and only made $300 a month and how I made “way too much” for assistance even though I could not afford rent, food, electric and water on only $300 a month. I can only thank God and my parents for getting me through this horrible time in my life. If this same occurrence happened today, I don’t know what I’d do. Our country is quickly going down hill and I don’t see us recovering from it any time soon.

We were one of the strongest countries in the world and now we are borrowing money from China. We’re spending more than we’re making. We owe other countries with no hope of ever receiving repayment. We’re on a slippery slope. God help us all.


Government Stay of Execution

So, we are no longer closed. Our government is now open for business. TEMPORARILY!!! That’s right, we have a stay of execution until January. WOW! We now have to wait for the same jerks that closed us down to, once again, negotiate a budget they haven’t been able to agree upon in the first place. We’re in limbo — AGAIN! We’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I feel like a death row inmate with a last minute stay of execution that will only result in my death a few months down the line. I can’t believe these men and women, that we elected to represent us in our government, can’t get their stuff together and balance the budget, get us all working toward uniting the country and being debt free.

Based on the past 16 days, I don’t see a resolution coming before the January deadline and I only see us in further peril come the new year. We look week to our allies and our foes.

We need to get it together our we’ll be lost.

The Government Explained!

The blame, put in its proper place, by a man who can’t be called a racist by the President of the US.

So, it seems that our own LYING President is placing the blame on the Republicans because he is have a HISSY FIT over the lack of funding for his Health Care fiasco. Shoot! I put my 14 year old in time out when he acts like this!

They have two more days to get the government up and running before they will have to face MILLIONS of pissed off Veterans and Elderly people, not to mention the rest of the laid off workers, States that are losing revenue and the people who are just plain pissed off! I think there may be a war on the horizon and it will be won that the Government won’t be able to win.

GOD BLESS THE USA AND IT’S PEOPLE!!!! (Exempt: Those who are not “governed by out laws” Congress, Senate, People in power)

Continued Government Crap!!!!

So, here we are, day 14 of the government shutdown and still nothing!  No compromise, no deals, no government.  And what is the word from them?  “We don’t have towel service in the Congressional gym.”  Hmmmmmmmmm…….JERKS!

Our veterans have over taken the government by storming the National Parks and Monuments in D.C.  They have broken through the barriers and gone rouge.  These same areas, closed to the nation, were open to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, however; because it seems they are more important than the Americans who were willing to give up their lives for this great nation. 

All I can say is that our representatives have until the end of the week to do something or the Veterans, Elderly and Disabled will come after them with a vengeance!!!  I’d hate to be our elected officials if these members of society come after them. 

I have a friend who thinks that our president is a sleeper agent for the Muslims, who is trying to take America down from the inside.  Is it possible?  I’m not sure; but it is a theory.  Is he working for our enemies?  I don’t know; but I am suspicious.  My opinion and those of my friend, however; are not facts and in no way can be proven. 😦 

IMO, using “my way or the highway” tactics is NOT the way to come to an agreement.  Holding the American people hostage while you receive your pay is not good, either.  Why don’t we tell them they won’t get paid until they fix this mess?  When they are not the ones who are losing out on their livelihood, they have no motivation to do the right thing.  I can only hope and pray to God that they will come to an appropriate agreement before people begin to suffer from this travesty.

I love this country; but our government is NOT to be trusted! 


Verdicts no longer matter

As a person who was NOT in the jury room nor in the courtroom during the trial, I respect the decision made. I do not have to like it. I do not have to believe in it. I do, however, have to accept it. (and this refers to multiple cases, not just this recent one)

With that said, there have been times when a verdict was not what I wanted and then there were times that it has been. My opinion has no relevance in the grand scheme of things. Neither does yours.

MY ACTIONS are what I am responsible for, so with that said, I will act appropriately and accept the things I cannot change. I will not “riot” or “protest” because I don’t like what they decided. It won’t change what has become.

I’m deeply disappointed in our Federal Government over these recent events in history. With all the available options given to the jury, they acquitted; but our Government decided they’re going to microscope the trial, evidence and find a way to violate the defendant’s civil rights as they are saying he did to the victim. WOW!

Imagine you are in this man’s position. Imagine you have just escaped a fate that would imprison you or kill you. Imagine it was in self defense of your very life. Now, tell me, what would you do if the government decided that despite all the evidence, testimony and court proceedings they were going to hang you anyway. How would you feel?

Our legal system, which has worked for 237 years is now broken. We may as well live in the old west where lynching was legal and the world was lawless. Our federal government has no right to over step the bounds of this state. If we were to judge people by public opinion, then we’d probably have to hang him; but we don’t do that here. We give them a trial. We let his peers decide. We get a verdict and life moves on. In this case, we do not. PUBLIC OPIONON is driving this case and it is a shame.

I remember back in the 90’s when Al Sharpton was in NYC protecting the death of a young black child who was killed by a white teen. He screamed and yelled and led protests against the violator. One week later, a little black girl was killed by a black boy and not a single world was heard. She was just a blip on the radar. He spoke of how it was not racism but gun violence he was protesting the week before; but in my opinion that was a lie.

I’m not anti any color/race/creed. I love my fellow man. I love this country, which has so many opportunities and freedoms. What I don’t like is that it is turning into a factious state. Our freedoms are slowly dwindling away to nothing. The NSA is listening. The IRS is becoming a super power. We have no jobs. We have no food. Our industry is gone and imported from countries that go with cheap rather than safe. We are slowly circling the toilet and even Rome fell.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Before it is too late.

Tricare and the state of our healthcare system

So, as I retired veteran, I’m entitled to use the military insurance, Tricare.  I pay into it quarterly and it covers my son and I when we got to the doctors, hospital, etc.  Recently my son had his tonsils removed and out of almost $12,000 in medical bills, they covered only $2,000 of it.  Not much at all; but still, I guess it is better than nothing.  It is a shame; but as I already owe more money than I’ll ever see in this lifetime (unless of course, I win the lottery; which I don’t really see happening) I’m not all that worried.  It will get paid over time.

Right after my son’s surgery, I received a letter from Tricare telling me, that after all these years with them, that they are no longer going to service my area.  I have two choices:  Get other insurance OR move closer to a military installation where I can see an on base doctor.  WHAT???  First of all, I’m a disabled veteran and single mom.  I barely make ends meet each month.  I can’t afford to move and I certainly can’t afford to get insurance with an even higher premium than they offer.  I have no help paying these things from the EX who just ignores any attempt to collect 1/2 as per our divorce papers and I count myself lucky that the SOB pays child support at all.  Of course, this is an automatic deduction and he has no choice; but still, I’m all alone in this.

Apparently, this new Obamacare crap is ruining others with insurance.  Since I’m retired military, they shouldn’t be able to cut my military insurance, (GOVERNMENT INSURANCE) but they have.  They have cut us off like an infected limb and cast us into the trash.  How is this a help to the country when they’re making those of us who have government insurance and pay for it, go off and find our own insurance?  We already had a pretty good insurance, why are they throwing us to the wolves?  I can only imagine what it will be like for those who haven’t had insurance and will be penalized by the government for not having it or being able to afford it.  It sucks!!!

I’ve written my Congressman and we’ll see what that does, if anything.  I’ve been doing a lot of praying over this situation and am hoping for a miracle.  I’ve been screwed by the government’s healthcare system for the last 20 years and I don’t see an end in sight.  The VA Hospitals have improved slightly as time has gone by; but not by much.  I’ve seen doctors there who care more about marking time until retirement than patient care.  I’ve had doctors who prescribed me medications that I am allergic to and then give ME the stupid look when I didn’t take them and pharmacy didn’t give them to me.  I’ve had doctors get mad at me for giving them my opinion on how horribly they’re treated me.  I had two security guards get their jollies off by putting me in a room and giving me a “rub down” search that was as close to rape a person can get with their clothes on.  I’ve been told my records were missing and diagnosis’s have been misplaced.  I do not believe out government, which takes care of our veterans, will do any better with the rest of our country.

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!  We’re zombie walking right into hell without even questioning authority.  The more we give over to the government to take care of things, the less freedom we have to do what we want.  What a crying shame.