Murder in America

I’m sorry if you don’t like what I have to say; but as always, in the land of the free, I am entitled to my opinion.

Abortion is murder.  What a few states have just signed into law is beyond murder, it’s an abomination.  The fact that they will allow a doctor, midwife or nurse kill a baby that is born alive is a horrible person.  I’m outraged.  The next thing we know they’ll allow parents to murder their children.

I cried when I saw NY, my home state, as the leader in this horrible new abortion law.  I keep crying as each additional state adds it’s murder law to the books.

What is wrong with people these days?  Are we so screwed up that if one side of the aisle is against it, the other side needs to embrace it?  Between that and the New Green Deal or the anti-sematic rhetoric, this country is quickly turning into a garbage dump.  This is not the America I grew up in, the I fought to defend, that I’d give my life for.  I can only put my faith in God that we can turn this country around and make it the wonderful place I grew up in.

You can’t let your kids sell things door to door; because you don’t know who you neighbor truly is anymore.  You can’t trust teachers, coaches or babysitters anymore.  This whole world is screwed up and we better fix ourselves before they completely take away all of our freedoms and rights.

WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!  The next thing you know, we’ll be in a communist state and standing in bread lines or worse, have nothing to eat at all.  I don’t care if you’re left, right or middle, you have a responsibility to keep yourself and others safe.  You wouldn’t feed your family poison, so why are you listening to people who have only their own interests in mind.  The government doesn’t care about you!  Each of these elected officials have only their greed and own agendas.

This is our country, we need to take it back.


A week in the life.

This week has been a bit crazy.  The weather has been cooler and it’s rained several  nights.  This has messed badly with my Trigeminal Neuralgia and I’ve been miserable.  So much so, that I am not going to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie today; because I’m in such pain.  I know I won’t enjoy it, so I’m not going to waste my money in misery.

Tuesday was my son’s first college “Jazz Concert”.  What an incredible experience.  He is a great musician and I so look forward to where God is taking him.  In the program, he was listed first name “El Oso de Jazz” last name – drums.  (The Jazz Bear) Which I found to be so cute, so it’s his new nickname around here. LOL!  The funny thing is I’ve always called my family some kind of bear, so this is perfect.  ❤

This morning was a tragic, crazy time for me.  The dogs got me up at about 7 am and I let them out.  I turned around and there was a frog on the glass door.  I quickly shut the door and he was trapped between the two doors.  I tried to work the doors so that he could get outside; but he was trapped and I was freaking out.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the frog to go outside.  Well, I wound up squishing him and I felt terrible.  Due to him being squished in the track and all, I couldn’t fully shut the door.

In this house, we spell fear “F-R-O-G”.  Doesn’t matter the species:  frog, toad, what have you, it is faced with FEAR! UGH!!!  This is from a childhood of torment by my sister to me with them and I have to say it is embarrassing; but it’s my life.

Now, because it was only 52 degrees this morning, my face was filled with stabbing pain the likes of which I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me into it just to escape the horrible pain.  I took some meds and went back to bed.

When I finally did get up, I let the dogs out, again and the dead frog popped out on the track and was ready for removal.  I went to get my son to have him take it out for me.  Of course, he’s as brave as me when it comes to these things, so I had to give him a set of long handled tongs in which he picked it up and escorted it out of the house to the fence to be tossed over.  He dropped the thing twice on the way; but mission complete.  We then threw the tongs away.

We have church tomorrow and he has plans for the evening tonight.  I will eventually get to see the new movie and I’m sure I’ll review it.  My son teased me about it when I told him I couldn’t wait to see it and then get it on DVD, along with Bohemian Rhapsody.  He stated, “Oh, so you’ll now have three movies on the weekly rotation instead of just “Fantastic Beasts”.  LOL!  He knows me so well.

I went Turkey Day shopping yesterday; because I knew I had to get it done.  I got our small turkey for only $5 and I’m thrilled.  Bought  all the fixings for it as well and I’m ready.  Got two pies — Chocolate Cream and Pecan.  Should be a nice day for us.

I truly hope that you and yours have an extremely blessed Thanksgiving.  Don’t gobble ’til you wobble and be careful on Black Friday.

Bohemian Rhapsody

My son and I went to see the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody on Sunday. IMO, it was AWESOME! Yes, the timeline is not perfect; but after viewing multiple videos from the creators and actors, I understand why it is not exact and it didn’t take away from the story.

With all that said, I cried for the last 30 minutes of the film. Yup. I did. I hurt so bad for the break up, the deception, the love that Freddie so desperately wanted in his life.

Having been raised listening to Queen’s music, this was a wonderful way to showcase their talents on the big screen. The actors did the band justice. I was impressed with the performances. I was impressed with the “theatrics” and the portrayals.

As I stated, I watched many videos, both of Queen and interviews with the creators and actors. I watched videos of Freddie Mercury and when Rami Malik states that he was a great soul, I couldn’t have agreed more. The fact that two band members collaborated with the script writers to portray them all as accurately as possible, tells me that they had great love and respect for Freddie and they didn’t make him out to be a bad guy. I also had the pleasure of watching a video of his mom and sister, which was fabulous.

I often wonder why the great ones die young. Yes, I know it is because of their lifestyle choices; but when you think of the talent that we’ve lost, it’s just sad. Of course, not all of those who have had incredible talent died because of bad choices; but in the entertainment industry, so many fall victim to the harsh realities that not everyone is a good person and is only there to help you. Some people are just jerks and take advantage of talent.

As I’ve watched interviews with that beautiful man, I see a heart that longed for something and a man who didn’t know how to find it or where. His music will last for eternity. He poured his heart and soul into making music for the people and he was a master. That voice was incredible.

I watched him sing “Barcelona” with Montserrat Caballe’ and was blown away by his range and performance. The fact that they recorded the album together and he wrote most of it himself is incredible. All I can say is, we’ve lost a great and talented man.

My son enjoyed the movie as well. At least that’s what he says. LOL! He’s not as vocal as I am when it comes to expressing his opinion. I could watch that movie again and again. The music, the drama, the crazy, was all moshed into a well-acted, well told, well enjoyed movie. You don’t have to agree with me. I just know what I like.

A Star is Born

I have to admit, I’ve been a fan of the Barbara Streisand/Kris Kristofferson hit of the 70’s and absolutely LOVE the soundtrack.  I’ve been a big Barbara fan for years.  Movies, music, all of it.  So, when I heard they were making a fourth rendition, I was curious.  When I heard that Lady Gaga was going to be the lead and that Bradley Cooper wrote, directed and starred in it, I got even more curious.

I did some serious research on the movie much earlier this year.  I read several articles on how they got together, how they then collaborated on songs and writing.  I read about how they just “clicked” and I was sold.

To be completely honest, it wasn’t until Gaga did the Super Bowl half time show that I’d even seen her perform.  I knew who she was, I was vaguely familiar with her music; but with my crazy life, I just didn’t really know who she was as a person.

I went into the movie with a blank slate.  I liked it.  A lot!  Of course, she has the voice, so that was perfect.  She also played it from the heart.  It was another beautiful love story involving a star and his protégé.  Since this is the 4th rendition, I kind of already knew the story; but it changed as time does and the last one was in 1976.  The songs were beautiful.  The voices good.

What I didn’t like about it was the tragic, iconic ending.  I hate movies that make me cry.  I also was not very happy when I read an article about Barbara Streisand’s pissy attitude toward the remake and the fact that because she didn’t get a cameo nor was the advice she offered for “behind the camera” taken, she decided to release additional footage from her movie and a remastered soundtrack to throw her own name into the spotlight.  You can read the article here.

Personally, as a fan, I thought that was pretty stinky.  Barbara is in her 70’s and she had her time.  Why does she have to throw herself into the remake?  I never understood people who try to steal other people’s thunder.  Jealousy does not look good on anyone.

This is just a quick review.  I enjoyed the movie.  I enjoyed the story line and I enjoyed the music.  It’s definitely going to get some awards, I’m sure.

(But we all know how much I hate awards shows and the way they all pat themselves on the back for a “good job” every year, like where’s my award for being a great mom?  Or your award for what you’re great doing?)

I Can Only Imagine….

Tonight was our “Flick on the Fifth” night at church.  If a month has 5 Saturdays, we show a film on that fifth evening.  Tonight’s film was “I Can Only Imagine“, the story behind the song written by Bart Milliard from MercyMe.

Such a powerful story and song.  First of all, that song was not only #1 on the Gospel charts, but was also #1 on the Country charts at the same time.  Anyone who has ever lost someone close to them tries to imagine what happens next.  I know I have, especially when I lost my best friend.

The song, inspired by his life, is about the way Bart’s father went from being the “abusive monster” he grew up with to the saved, Jesus loving man that he finally forgave and found a love for his dad that he never imagined he’d ever have.  So beautiful.  I was a teary mess by the end, of course.  Ha, ha.

It was definitely one that got us talking afterward.  Have you ever suffered at the hands of another something so terrible, that you couldn’t forgive them.  Even held a grudge?  Then, they changed.  They repented and made amends and wanted you to forgive them.  And here you are, still in that place of hurt, not ready to give in, even though you know, deep in your heart that you love them and want to; but they have shattered your trust so badly, so many times that you don’t know if you can trust them, ever!

Yeah, I know all about that.  Except, that I always forgive and end up right back in the same position, kicked in the teeth by the one I forgave countless times.  I was reading a Max Lucado book last year and Max reminded me of the time Jesus faced the same problem.  In Luke 4:16-30, we find Jesus being rejected by those who are from His own hometown, “What good can come from Nazareth?”  Max explains how even Jesus found rejection from His own family and friends and left, unable to preach to those He loved.  He further explained that when others hurt us or betray us, it is perfectly okay to walk away or leave the relationship in order to not subject yourself to their hurtful ways.

Now, for me, this was great advice.  My father and sisters constantly talk trash behind my back.  It hurts.  They make judgments about me, even though they are wrong, and I have to stand by and let them.  I have to take it.  And if I don’t?  Too bad, they’re entitled to their opinions; but I’m not.  After years of living with their abuse, I finally disassociated myself from their influence and left them.  They can no longer hurt me.

I have forgiven them.  I just don’t allow them to continue their bad behavior toward me.  I don’t give them the opportunity to hurt me.  I have turned my back on their abuse and no longer take it.  I am FREE.

As for the movie, Bart was able to restore his relationship with his father after years of abuse.  He was able to watch the monster turn into a God fearing, bible thumping, lover of Jesus.  It was a beautiful transformation and it was something that allowed the watcher a peek into forgiveness in action and working through pain and heartbreak.  Truly, the beauty of God transformed this father and son into the best of friends and for me, it was such a wonderful glimpse into how He works.


Here we are, on the cusp of summertime and so begins the rains.  We’ve been lucky thus far that its rained only at night so far; but I’m sure the normal afternoon monsoons will start soon.

My son & I have been looking at new places to live and we may have found one.  We shall have to wait and see if all goes well.  It’s been a tough couple of weeks with us finding, then viewing, then finding more places and viewing, in a seemingly endless cycle of disappointments.

What has made these trips worse has been the fact that my ear infections have progressed to the “worse” stage and my vertigo is strongly asserting itself into my life and causing me intense dizziness to the point of severe nausea.  Not even sea sickness bands or tablets have provided any relief at all.  It’s a nightmare.  My only hope is that next week, when the ENT places tubes in my ears, it will help.

My son passed his driving test today, so he’s finally street legal.  Finally got an appt with the advisor at the college.  Looking good for the scholarship to pay for it and we’re working toward being settled into a new place before he starts in August.

Today’s prize was that everything seemed to be going our way.  I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Ha, ha.

The places we looked at today:  first one a total bust.  Bad neighborhood, duplex, small and not a good place for the pups to live.  Not happy with it at all.  The second place was nice.  Spacious, nice flooring, good neighborhood, quaint, great fenced back yard for the pups and we both agreed we like it.

Cons:  Needs washer, dryer, microwave and  chicken wire for the fence.  The fence is a nice wooden one; but my baby, Honi, could slip right between the slats, so we’ll have to put up some chicken wire, about 2 feet from the ground up, to prevent her from escaping.  There are 6 foot privacy fences on both neighbor’s sides.  Not a bad little place.  I can see the potential of me building up the landscape in the back yard.  The yard is just big enough for us to let the pups out for their thing and for any BBQ we may want to do out their.

However, with all the things I need to do for the place, which isn’t a whole lot, I look forward to doing them.  I also need to do some more packing.  I’ve gone and reduced the number of storage tubs I’ve had in the garage and added a bunch more stuff to the donation boxes.  My craft room will be my biggest challenge; but I’m up to it.

I’ve been looking at storage solutions, room ideas, decorating ideas and more, just wanting to change things up a bit.  I look forward to the challenges.  Of course, my son has many friends who have volunteered to assist us with the move and I am grateful that they’re on board with helping us out.  I definitely couldn’t do it without them.

Last Friday, we went to see Incredibles 2 with one of my son’s friends.  Not bad for a sequel.  It’s great how they will only produce quality stories. I’ve heard that Cars 2 is crap; but since I didn’t care for Cars to begin with, I never watched the other 2 they put out.  Anyway, we laughed so hard at the humor and cheered on the supers before going home satisfied with the movie.

My partner at church will be gone for the last two weeks of July and first two weeks  of August, so I’ll be “THE” AV gal.  My son will take care of the sound portion and we’ll work as a team.

This past week, I watched as our drummer, (the man who had a stroke back in October, whom my son was subbing for) playing like his old self.  So great to see where God took him in his health care journey.  We are all so grateful that he is back in the band and my son will be his “sub” when he can’t make it in.  Such a blessing.  God is so good! ❤

Our Pastor was able to come back to church on Saturday as well.  He’s been out the last two weeks with stomach issues that seem to be resolving.  YEAH! We have an associate Pastor working with us the rest of the summer with our band in order to give our Pastor a break.  Another blessing in our lives.  God is so Good!!!

My love of this church family is so overwhelming.  I absolutely adore them and look forward to the days when we get together.  I cannot think of a better family dynamic than ours.  We pray together, we share our lives, we cry, we laugh, we love, we learn and we worship the Father, all while singing the praises of the great I AM.  We are small; but mighty.

On this journey we call life, don’t forget Who put us here and how much He loves us.

Making Lemonade

My entire world is turning upside down; but I’m making lemonade!  So, let’s start with all the things that have happened in the last few weeks.

We’re winding down the school year and the school play went fairly well, considering the fact that there was a scene within it that was as close to a pole/lap dance as you can get, performed by an under aged girl, that made the teen boys blush and the men avert their eyes.  So shameful.  The only part of it that was any good was the music, which part of the Jazz band played and did very well.  The singing was horrible, no acting at all and had no plot line than anyone could follow.  UGH!

Then, the choir had their last performance of the year, along with them singing and performing the closing scene of “Pitch Perfect” choreographed and all, to include the breast grab.  Shocker!

This past Tuesday my son performed his last concert and NOTHING in the least bit shocking happened.  He played with the Jazz band, Concert band and Woodwinds.  He then performed a mallet piece with his two best friends and a tenor drum solo, which received much praise and ovation.  So proud of him.

Two weeks ago, my landlord put in a new air conditioner that has been needed for the last two years.  Friday, I received a rent increase notice to help pay for the unit and the taxes on the house.  Bummer!  Since I lose Ian’s “child support” this month, we can’t afford to live here anymore, especially with another rent increase, so I did a search for rentals in my area and my price range. At first I found nothing, however; I did another search and found a great place.  So, I made an appointment to view it on Saturday morning.

Friday evening, we had Band Awards.  My son received the Outstanding Musician Award as well as the Louie Armstrong Jazz award, which is given on the National level, for high school students.  What an honor.  My mom attended the presentation and afterwards, we went out to dinner.  It was a nice night.

We had church last night and had gone over to see the house for rent earlier in the day.  We loved it.  Smaller than what we have; but we need to get rid of some junk anyway.  I contacted the owner and we’ve negotiated the terms of the lease and we’re giving notice here and will move next month.  We have graduation in 21 days, so we will be busy packing up and getting rid of stuff.

Thankfully, I have a group of fine, young band members who are helping us to move the heavy stuff.  These kids are great and were eager to help anyway they can.  So blessed.  I have God to thank for all these things, too!  After receiving the letter on Friday,  I began to pray about it all.  He has let me know in so many ways that He is orchestrating this for us.

Today, I FINALLY got to see Avengers:  Infinity War.  All I can say is WOW!  Great movie.  Not happy with the ending; but we’ll see where it goes from here.

Get this!  We left the movie and crossed the road in front of the theater.  I’m a disabled veteran and apparently not moving fast enough for some guy in a car.  He rolled down his windows and proceeded to curse me out for moving so slow and because I am apparently too fat.  He told me I should go back into the pizza place and eat some more, tubby.  I laughed at that statement and he proceeded to get out of his car.  I looked at him and asked if he were going to beat up a girl.  He put his “larger than I am in the fat department” butt back in his car and curse as he sped off through the parking lot.  I turned and saw 4 men had approached behind and beside me, in my defense.  God Bless Them!

All I can say is people are strange.  All I did was cross to the parking lot.  I had the right of way.  SMH.

FFCC Championship

So, for the last 5 months, my son has been practicing for Indoor Drumline Competitions.  His last performance was this past Saturday, April 7th.  They placed 2nd in their division in the state.  YEAH!  So proud of them.  They worked so hard and I couldn’t be happier for them.

The day began like many other competition days with the loading of the trailers.  This time, though, my son stepped off the ramp the wrong way and sprained his ankle.  Not fun.  He did, however; perform on it, swollen and all.  We later went to have it x-rayed and no break.  YEAH!

They performed at 12:30 pm and awards were at 9 pm.  We spent the rest of the day watching the rest of the groups perform.  My parents always come to watch my son perform and they love spending time with him, which makes me happy for them all.

Several of our friends showed up, too.  Such a great day.  Well, except for the sprain, oh and the fact that I started getting a sinus and middle ear infection.  UGH!  First my left ear filled with fluid, then the left side of my throat and neck.  By the time we left that night, the right ear was plugged, too.  Doctor appointment on Tuesday confirmed this.  Feeling better today, though and food has a taste and smell other than black pepper, so life is good. 😀

The week has been busy, too.  The music department has been forced to participate in the school musical, which is a disaster.  Three weeks of three day rehearsals, the show  premiered on Thursday evening.  Tone deaf kids sang flat notes and danced in a crazy, uncoordinated bird style.  However, the band sounded great, especially since it was professional level music.  The most shocking part of the play was when a teenage girl performed a chair dance that rivaled a stripper at a club.  I could hardly believe it.  I have to say, the saving grace of that dance was the gal was slim with no shape or breasts to speak of and had nothing to “fall out” the front of her dress.

They perform again tonight; but I have church, so I’m dropping my son off on my way out.  I feel sorry for the band members.  They sit on stage the entire show and so does their director.  They, too, can hardly believe that the performers are doing such a bad job.

Why, you may be asking, has the play only had minimal rehearsals and horrible choreography and singing?  The man who is running it.  He has forced the band director (his first year) and the choir teacher (her first year) to participate in this disaster, gave minimal notice, horrible direction, and no choice.  He then told the audience (for nearly 20 min before the show started —  LATE) that it was the first time they’d been able to collaborate together.  SMH.  What a putz.

Monday, we’re having an Indoor Drumline and Color Guard party to celebrate victory for the season.  The school year is rapidly coming to an end.  Next up, last concert of year and the band banquet.  Following up with the prom and Senior Awards night and then onto graduation.  YEAH!

Here we go…..


The End is Near!

In 2 months time, my not so little boy will be graduating high school.  I can hardly believe the time has flown by so quickly.  I can still remember the day I found out that he was growing inside me and how I waited, anxiously, for his arrival.  And now, 18 years later, graduation is drawing near.

He’s kept me busy over the years.  T-ball, scouts, music lessons, concerts, marching band, indoor drumline, competitions, field trips, the daily grind of to and from school, etc.  He has already performed his last MPA (3 this school year), his last marching season and has only FFCC Championship in April for Indoor Drumline.  His last concerts will quickly follow and then it’s nothing but graduation from there.  Oh has the time flown this year.

His last MPA was this past Friday, which was followed by an Indoor Competition on Saturday at Cypress Bay HS.  He made All-County Jazz Band this year and yesterday and tomorrow will have practices and the concert tomorrow night.

As I reflect over the last 18 years, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in the terrific young man he has become, despite all the obstacles in our way.  He is truly amazing.  At Cypress Bay on Saturday, after awards, we were waiting for our director to return when a number of the members of his “team” got out on the gym floor and began doing the “Ian Dance”.  This lead to other schools joining in and much laughter.

What is the “Ian Dance” you ask?  Let me explain.  My son and I watched the movie, “Meet the Robinsons” when it came out.  We love that movie and especially the T-Rex.  As Rex is trying to do the bidding of Bowler Hat Guy, he can’t do so because of his tiny arms.  My son & I have for years pulled our elbows into our sides, shortening our arm length and pretended to be Rex, with mock cries of a frustrated T-rex.

Fast forward to high school and crazy antics in the band room, where friends would gather and sometimes break into dance while singing or listening to music.  Now, enter, my son.  This young man would pull in his arms and flop his hands about “T-Rex” style,  turning left, then right, then left, etc., much to the enjoyment of his fellow bandmates.  Thus the “Ian Dance” was invented.  Never a dull moment.

What I won’t miss from all this is the dreaded parent pickup line, fundraising, parent meetings, driving to and from endless practice sessions, early morning alarms, and teenage drama (mostly from his friends, he’s pretty drama free).

I’m excited to see where God is leading my son.  He’s a hard working young man and I am so proud of all he has accomplished.  I can only imagine what God has in store for his life and the direction in which he will be taken.  God has truly blessed us so richly and I am beyond grateful for all that we have and all we have overcome.

God is good, all the time.  God is faithful, all the time.

What is wrong with people these days?

Saturday, I chaperoned my son’s Indoor Drumline trip to Riverview HS.  I so love volunteering and spending the day with the kids and my son.  In the morning, the Color Guard performed and then in the evening, the Drumline performed.  It was a long day; but I love watching them perform.

After my son’s team performed, the battery exited the gym to remove their drums and return to remove and fold the tarp. As I exited the gym, I realized they only had one person to hold the doors open, so I stood to the left side of the entrance and held open the door on the left for those exiting with instruments.

At this time, I noticed two students had not returned to the gym with the rest of the battery and that a girl was having a panic attack. It looked like she threw herself down on the ground in a fit.  I told another Mom to check on her and directed the boy to go assist with the tarp. I turned away from the situation and focused on helping those exiting the gym.

As I was helping to guide one of the instruments over the threshold, the girl entered the alcove and tried to reenter the gym. I turned and told her she was not needed and to step away. She in turn, tried to push her way through me and screaming in my face that she needed to help. I and another student told her the tarp was folded and just waiting to get through the door. I then told her to she needed to step away from the area.

All instruments and the tarp were then successfully removed from the gym. As I walked away from the doors to await the group loading the tarp on the cart, the girl was still throwing herself around in her fit and I guided her away from the others and tried to get her to calm down. I told her to breath. She pushed me away, saying she couldn’t breathe. I tried to get her to refocus away from the panic and she told me to get away from her. I then instructed her that if she didn’t calm down, I was calling an ambulance because she was becoming a danger to not only herself; but those around her.

Her panic ended after hearing this and she ran over to help with the tarp. I then talked with the tech and told her that this girl was out of control and was a danger to not just herself; but those around her.

As I walked away from the tech, Mr. and Mrs. S (band director and Guard instructor)were approaching and I walked toward them. At this point, I was not going to say anything; but wait for a better opportunity to speak with Mr. S in private. However, Mr. S read my body language and asked what was going on. I then explained what had occurred stating that in my opinion, if she can’t get herself together, she is going to wind up hurting herself and those around her.

Mr. S then asked me if she put her hands on me. I told him yes, she had pushed me at two different times. He then called out the girl, instructed her that she was never to put her hands on a parent or student and stated a parent meeting was going to be scheduled for Monday evening and he left the area. I turned to retrieve the first aid bag and the girl ran up to me, distressed, telling me that she was in a panic attack and didn’t intentionally do anything wrong. I told her to step away from me, I didn’t want to hear it and I didn’t want her to be in my face.

At that time, I took the first aid bag back to the trailer. I waited for the other parents to return with the kids, gather up my stuff and went to the bus to wait. There were more than enough parents present that I felt it would not pose a problem and distanced myself from the situation.

Now, before I reveal my questions, please know that I am not a “hater” of anyone.  I love and respect everyone, no matter their illness or persuasion.  IMO, it has nothing to do with me and is none of my business.  So, excuse my curiosity.  No offense intended.

Okay, so here is the question?  What is up with all this crap?  More and more kids are having panic attacks, ADD, ADHD, and what have you.  There are more kids these days identifying as gay or transgender, etc.  What is happening?

Can someone explain what is going on?  I don’t understand.  Is it something with all the chemicals in our food and beverages?  Is it that parents are raising their kids this way?  Is it that we can no longer spank our kids?  Are we letting the government have too much control and we just can’t raise our kids the way we were raised?  Is it that the earth is now too close to the sun and we’re on our way to hell?  I just can’t figure it out.

When I was young, I didn’t know anyone with these types of situations that were my age.  We weren’t medicated.  We weren’t in identity crisis.  I’m at such a loss as to what has happened to cause all this.

I’m not saying I didn’t know people who were gay or transgender; but not at the rate and amount of those who now identify as such.  If someone can tell me what is happening, I’d love to know.

BTW, I mean no disrespect.  I’m just curious.  I’m saddened for this young girl.  It just seems like there are more and more people who just can’t handle life anymore in any way.