Reflections on the past….

So much has happened in my nearly 45 years of life. Tomorrow, my baby sister will turn 40 years old and when I think back on our lives together I have to smile. I remember when we used to go camping and how tiny my sister was. I remember fights with my middle sister. I remember nights we sat at our kitchen table, eating chocolate ice cream and giggling like crazy.

We used to spend two weeks each summer on vacation. My dad would take the two weeks off and we’d go somewhere camping. To the Jersey shore, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina or anywhere in between. We spent a lot of summers up in Lake George, the Finger Lakes and went to Niagara Falls as well. And who can forget the times it rained so hard we sat in our tents, praying they wouldn’t leak and sometimes, forgetting that if you touch the canvas, it will leak and causing the water to drip in. UGH!!!

Six Flags, the Boardwalk, swimming, boating, beach days and more. I think I had a great childhood. YES, there were the standard horrors; but when you focus on the fun times, the good times, the horror doesn’t seem so bad upon reflection.

So, as my baby sister turns 40, I think about all the times she “hung out” with Dad while my middle sister and I were off together. SHE was daddy’s little buddy and anything dad did, so did she. Anything dad ate, so did she. Boy, we didn’t know what we were missing. Funny thing, even though she doesn’t have any children, my niece is her spitting image as a girl and she has my dad wrapped around her finger as well. 🙂

Now, as the time approaches for me to turn 45 this fall, I have let go of the past misdeed and embraced the happy memories. I’m no longer bitter about the past. I’m no longer hiding behind an anger of “done me wrong” but embracing the joy.

Life isn’t easy. My son, who will be 14 this fall, is heading off to Youth Camp tomorrow and it will be our first time away from me, not with family, and I worry. Not about the people who he’ll be with; but the travel to and from. You just never know. BUT I have faith in God and prayer, so I’m feeling okay about him leaving. I love him and want him to experience this wonderful opportunity that God has in store for him.