This month brings two important anniversaries for me.  June 24, 1987, I graduated from High School, making this year the 30th Anniversary.  It is also 8 years since I nearly died at the hand of my ex husband.  It is hard to believe how fast life passes you by.

I have very few people that I still speak to from high school, only those who have been life long friends.  I have even fewer from the time when I left the panhandle who I still communicate with.  It’s hard to believe those who believed the lies of an abuser over the woman who nearly died at his hands.  <shrug> It is what it is.  Can’t change the world or those who have eyes that can’t see.

My son & I are preparing to head North on Saturday to visit an old friend from my USMC days.  So excited.  A whole lot of catching up will be had and a whole lot of laughing, singing, dancing and foolishness.  I haven’t even begun to pack.  I figure tomorrow is soon enough.

I am one week post surgery on my throat and still feeling a bit of pain; but what can you expect when you have something shoved down your throat to remove a cyst.  It’s healing according to the doctor.

Currently reading three books.  One is on Ruth and breaks down her life with Naomi and how she abandoned her life in Moab to go with her mother-in-law, to Judah, and worship the one true King.  The 2nd is a Max Lucado study on Jesus at the Cross.  It is broken down into the tiniest of details of that day.  My 3rd is by Anne Graham Lotz called “The Daniel Prayer”.  It is how to make your prayer life as powerful as Daniel prayed to the Lord and finally freed the Israelites’ from their 75 year imprisonment by Babylon.  It’s a follow along study with Videos on her site.

I bought the movie, “The Shack” on Tuesday and my son & I watched it that night.  Such a powerful movie and had me in tears again.  Love that movie so much.  The lessons it brings are simply beautiful and give such hope.



Carnival Destiny

At the beginning fo the month, I took my son on our first cruise. It was WONDERFUL!!!! I can’t even begin to remember when we’d had as much fun!

Okay, so we set sail on the ship from the Port of Miami with my parents. We have a four person cabin, which, if we were spending a LOT of time in the cabin would’ve been squishy. We hardly went there EXCEPT to sleep or change clothes, shower, etc.

We boarded ship and hung out on the Lido deck until we could check into our stateroom and dropped our carry-on bags. Then, we went exploring. It was a beautiful ship.

The staff made our stay INCREDIBLE!!! From roaming waiters getting us drinks, to the cleaning staff, everyone made us feel welcome and helped at every opportunity.

Our dining room wait staff was OUTSTANDING!!!!! The food was delicious! We tried things we’d never had before and enjoyed some old favorites as well.

Our first port of call was Ocho Rio, Jamaica. It was fabulous. A local cab driver took us around the area and showed us all the hotspots. He took us everywhere we wanted to go. He showed us the best time. His name was “Cheapskate Charlie”.

Our next port was Georgetown, Grand Cayman. BEAUTIFUL! My son & I spent the morning with the Dolphins. Yup, we did a Dolphin Encounter. We LOVED IT! Our dolphin, Nemo, was fabulous. He gave us a kiss, he danced with us, let us stroke him and even splashed us with his tail. He was fun and we just loved it. We then hit the market place and back to ship.

That evening, our wait staff did a dance for us (before we finished eating. LOL) and we had a wonderful evening.

Okay, so on board we saw the greatest shows, heard wonderful live music, played games of chance (bingo/trivia/game shows) and laughed our butts off. We also got some great deals on some wonderful souvenirs. I was able to pick up a Pandora bracelet for a song, along with a few extra charms. I got some t-shirts from Del-Sol, which change color in the sun light, as well as a few other trinkets.

My son “had to have” the drink of the day each day (virgins) in their cup of the day. I’m so glad we went and we’ve got memories to treasure. We can’t wait to go on another cruise. WE’RE HOOKED! I can’t wait to get my scrapbook finished. 🙂